24 May

Ateneo Cultural Andaluz Arbonaida, The Cuervo de Sevilla

New proposal of the Ateneo Arbonaida around the Flamenco, in these dates in which the flamenco percussion course is already being developed and at the gates of the V Flamenco Cycle La Choza de Juaniquín.
On WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, the maestro of the compass, professional bailaor percussionist, José Suárez "TOROMBO" , will give two master classes:
18h-19: 30h. The origin of the compass through the palms and the drawer Flamenco.
9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. The heart beat. The compass through the five senses.
José Suárez TOROMBO is an artist with a long history. Currently integrated in the company of cantaora Argentina, has shared scenes from all over the world with artists such as Rocío Jurado, Paco de Lucía, Camarón de la Isla, Farruco, Ruperundo Amador, Farruquito, El Lebrijano, Moraito Chico, Antonio Canales , etc
He has also worked as artistic director of the shows "Al-Ándaluz", "Incógnito", "De Triana at three thousand", "Boboterapia" and "Fire and land", participating in the last edition of the Seville Biennial.
For 20 years, Trombo has been dedicated to teaching as a master of language in body expression along with the bases of the compass and the flamenco musical sense, with a genuine and self-taught pedagogical method, transcending the artistic to enter teaching and transmission Of the most human values. His teachings are taught at the Flamenco Art Studio located in the Corralones del Pelícano (Seville), extending his activity to the University of Seville and Pablo de Olavide, penitentiary centers, detox centers and popular neighborhoods in which he performs a beautiful social work .
Registration will be open from May 17th until the day of the activity.
Contact: Gonzalo Amarillo. Tel. 606 748 075
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