3 Oct
23 Oct

Literary, Artistic and Scientific Athenaeum of Cádiz



Solemn opening of the 2019-2020 Course.

Simplified reading of the 2018/2019 Course Report by the Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Ares Camerino.

Opening Lesson by Dr. D. Esteban Pacha Vicente (Attaché of Transport and Infrastructure of the Embassy of Spain in London. Captain of the Merchant Marine. Doctor of Nautical Science and Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Atheneist) with the conference entitled, “Understanding the global scene as a basis for cultural, scientific, social and economic development. The 2030 Agenda or the impact of Brexit on that global scene. ”

Presents: Mr. Ignacio Moreno Aparicio (Honorary President of the Athenaeum).

Chair: Mr. José Almenara Barrios (President of the Athenaeum).

The President of the Athenaeum closed the act



Literary gathering: "The summer of my life".

Coordinated by: Rafaela Becerra and Mr. Ramón Luque (Board Members)



Presentation of the book: "Dictionary of Cadiz philosophers", by D. Joaquin Carretero, by the professors: Ms. Juana Sánchez-Gey, Mr. Rafael Serrano, Mr. Antonio Bocanegra and Mr. Antonio Castillo.

Chair: Mr. José Almenara Barrios (President of the Athenaeum).



Sports Talk: "Analysis of current affairs."

Coordinates: Mr. Manuel Lapi (Member of the Board of Directors)



Musical gathering: “Verdi: La Traviata”

Coordinates: Mr. Juan Pablo Otero (Member of the Board of Directors)



Cycle of conferences of the V Centenary of the First Circumnavigation of the World. Conference "Architecture and urban planning of Sanlúcar in the time of Magallanes and Elcano", by Mr. José María Esteban González (1st Vice President of the Ateneo de Cádiz)



Activity of the Ateneo-UCA Chair. Conference. "Santiago de Chile and Cádiz: heritage and landscape as new spatial expressions of tourism", by Professor Dª. Carolina Quilodrán Rubio of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile.

Presents: Mr. Ángel Guisado Cuéllar (President of the O'Higginiano Institute in Cádiz, and Ateneísta).

Chair: Ms. Amelia Rodríguez Martín (Director of the Ateneo-UCA Chair).



International Politics Talk: "What is happening in Cuba?" It will have the participation of José Antonio Barroso, former Mayor of Puerto Real.

Coordinated by: Ms. Purificación González de la Blanca (Member of the Board of Directors) and Mr. Juanlu González (International Analyst) Members of the Ojos para la Paz International Collective.



Pharmacy gathering: "The Cosmetics of the women of Don Quixote".
Coordinates: Ms. Paloma Ruiz Vega (Member of the Board of Directors)


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