19 Apr

Athenaeum of Cordoba

A literary evening in which four poets ( Ana Ibáñez , Ramón Rodríguez , María Pizarro and José L. Campal ) will offer an uninterrupted reading of verses (sometimes a minimal stanza, sometimes just one or two verses) belonging to two hundred poets of different nationalities and different artistic sensibilities; strong and expressive passages selected by José L. Campal and acting as a personal poetic but transferable in the current times, forming, in its own way, a kind of collection of verses for survival. This act is, on the other hand, continuation or second part of the carried out two years ago in the same ateneístas dependencies.

For the occasion, the Argentine artist living in Italy Maya López Muro has made a series of adhesive drawings on plastic saucers that will be exhibited during the event and that, at the end of this event, will be donated to the attendees.

Admission is free and free until full capacity is reached.

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