25 Apr

Ateneo de Motril

On Tuesday 25 April at 8.30 pm at the Auditorium of the School of Arts Palace Ventura de Motril, we will visit a group of malagueños poets / integrated / as in the Literary Association "Capitel" (some / as they / as members of the Malaga Ateneo), and we offer a poetry of its members. The event will be presented by Anunciata Vinuesa Pons, member of Literature and Publications Ateneo de Motril.
The "Capitel Association" was founded in 2006 as an expression of artistic concerns and, in general, a cultural group of painters / as and malagueños / as poets. Over time, they have joined this initiative others who share the same concern. Coordinator of Activities in the group "Capitel" is the writer Victor Perez Benitez Motril.
Free entry until complete seats.