17 May

Ateneo Cultural Andaluz Arbonaida de El Cuervo (Seville)

This novel, the second one - so much expected - from the author of Pulpa de limón, is a multiple journey to the seed, a journey towards the intimate Ithaca of characters of various conditions who, only returning by the thread of Ariadna that rejected him to nostalgia , the future can be illuminated and radically changed, for themselves and for all. The brilliance of the butterflies - finalist of the III Premio Vuela la Cometa, which presides over Tarragona the last of the Goytisolo - portrays with a hard lyricism two apparently antagonistic epochs in the south of Spain: that of the ghost of the heroine and the drug addicts in a end of the twentieth century that was not up to the future that kneaded, and the dawn of a twenty-first century that blurred that social drama with the delirium of a falsified era under the mud on which no one wanted to return. Alejo Ceballos is the protagonist of a redeemed story in which priests, counts, loves and secrets are amalgamated around a marsh that hides all the keys of the plot on the other side of his own mirror. Álvaro Romero Bernal is consolidated as one of the most powerful voices in the new Andalusian narrative landscape.

(Los Palacios y Vfca., Sevilla, 1979), Doctor in Journalism and columnist for El Correo de Andalucía, debuted as a novelist in 2015 with Pulpa de limón, an opera prima very well received by the public and critics. Professor of Language and Literature since 2004, he alternates his classes of institute in his native town with which he teaches in several venues of the Classroom of the Experience of the University of Seville. He has been coordinator and literary adviser for the provincial encyclopedias of Seville, Córdoba and Jaén of C & T Editores, and has published monographic studies of various kinds, especially of that fusion between Literature and Flamenco with which he has intensified his work as a lecturer. He is the author of several essays such as Joaquín Romero Murube. The journalist in the street (Centro Andaluz del Libro, 2010) or 33 evangelical places. From Bethlehem to Emmaus (Editorial AE, 2011). The brilliance of the butterflies, his second novel, has been a finalist in the III Vuela la Cometa International Competition, whose jury is presided over by the writer and academic Luis Goytisolo.

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