23 Dec

On Friday 23 the Ateneo de Jerez starts the cycle of concerts "With Own Voice" with the poet Manuel Saborido and composer and pianist Aitor Vázquez


With this recital, the Ateneo de Jerez begins a cycle entitled "own voice" will unite music and speech. This first concert will feature jerezanos Manuel Saborido and Aitor Vázquez. Present the act the Perez Patrizio also jerezano writer.



Among the cultural events being conducted by the Ateneo de Jerez, on Friday December 23 at 19.00 hours, and at its headquarters in San Cristobal Street, cultural institution will begin a series of concerts under the name "With Own voice "aims to unite the music and words. On this first occasion you will be counted with the participation of writer Manuel Saborido and composer and pianist Aitor Vázquez. Admission is free until full capacity.


Manuel Saborido, poet jerezano 55, has published five books of poems, the latest being "Terra Sum" presented recently in our city. Former member of the Association of young writers (AEN), has worked in virtual magazines Syndrome Feline and the jamb. He has been a founding partner and collaborator of the literary magazine Scope, based in Malaga. Although not much given to competitions, Manuel Saborido was awarded the First Prize for Poetry Zahara in 2,014 finalist Bruno Alzola 2008 prize, which specializes in sonnets and sixth poetry competition Blue Moon, Zaragoza. His book "Voices of sand" was selected for the Andalusian Critics Award for poetry in 2011.

In this recital Manuel Saborido provide attendees reading poems of his literary career with special emphasis on his latest publication.


Aitor Vázquez is a composer and pianist jerezano 23 years training, among others, at the Madrid Royal Conservatory. Already with 18 years he won the national prize for composition "Cristobal Halffter" by which he participated in the edition of what is their first album. In 2015 he won the composition prize "Flora Prieto", a work that will be released soon in the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid. Also premiering new work in the coming months Auditorium at the Reina Sofia in Madrid. Self-taught, academic, multidisciplinary, Aitor Vázquez is currently conducting studies in art history.

Friday Aitor Vázquez give attendees the premiere of 12 thumbnails of contemporary pieces composed especially for this recital.


The event will be presented by the writer Patrizio also jerezano Pérez, author of the poetry book "Grammar of Desire" and the novel "An unexpected place."


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Patricio Perez Pacheco, writer and member of the Athenaeum Tel. 609145492

Manuel Simancas - President of the Ateneo de Jerez - 640527498

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