15 Jul

Athenaeum of Malaga


Helena Taberna (2010)


Through the eyes of Asun Casasola, mother of Nagore Laffage, we see how her life is after the murder of the young woman. The crime in the Sanfermines of 2008, at the hands of a resident doctor of Psychiatry shocked society and was the subject of unusual media coverage. The trial was held in November 2009 sentencing the accused guilty of murder.

Asun, his family and all who have supported them continue to appeal for justice and he is condemned for a treacherous murder. This documentary film goes into depth in the event counting on the real protagonists of the story. Through interviews with the family and friends of the young Nagore, it is reflected how she was. The participation of lawyers, the Provincial Police and the institutions that accused the murder gives an objective view of the circumstances of their disappearance. The film tries to tell how life is now without Nagore.


At 8:00 pm, after the screening, the round-table discussion will be held, composed of:

- María Encarnación Santiago , coordinator of the Andalusian Institute for Women in Malaga.

- Ana Barrerales , editor of the Diario Sur.

- Rosa Rodríguez , Feminist Policy Forum in Málaga.

- Teresa Santos , coordinator of the Assembly of Women Journalists of Malaga. Presented and moderated by Cristina Consuegra , vocalist of Feminism.