26 Feb

Debate in Malaga of Festival 2019

Feminism has become a hallmark of Málaga de Festival since its inception, is present in many of the scheduled activities and is a cross-cutting issue. Recovering the voices of women who were essential to understand the present is part of this horizon of reflection that has culture as a transforming vehicle.


19/02 / 2019.- Next Tuesday, February 26, at 8:00 p.m. , in the assembly hall of Ateneo de Málaga , and within the activities of MaF 2019 , the prelude to the Malaga Festival that celebrates culture with the cinema as an argument, the presentation of 'From Madrid to New York will take place. Articles, conferences, letters' (2018), work published by the Renacimiento publishing house, edited by Carmen de Urioste-Azcorra. This colloquium will be attended by Christina Linares (editor of Renacimiento), María Gámez (Subdelegada de Gobierno) and Amparo Rubiales (lawyer and politician). The act will be presented by the Member of Feminisms, Cristina Consuegra . Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

'From Madrid to New York. Articles, lectures, letters' compiles a selection of texts by Victoria Kent, from her famous speech on the female vote in the republican Cortes to articles published in 'Ibérica', a magazine that she founded in New York and of which she was editor for twenty years . Special attention deserves the selection of letters, which come to light for the first time. These letters show a Kent deeply human and connected with the pain of the Republicans, in the French concentration camps, and concerned about the transition from Franco to the monarchy. The reading of these texts by Victoria Kent provides a hitherto unknown perspective on the cultural and political history of Spain throughout the 20th century.

The voice of the malagueña has been treated unfairly by the recent history of our country. With the publication of this book, in a worked edition of the researcher Urioste-Azcorra, it is intended to correct some asymmetries around its legacy and figure, while at the same time claiming its incessant work in favor of progress. Victoria Kent was a tireless fighter in favor of freedom, she campaigned all her life in the Radical-Socialist Republican Party and was faithful to the principles of the Second Spanish Republic until her death.


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