12 Dec

Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena


The extraordinary advances made by Molecular Biology have allowed us to unravel the origin of life and its evolutionary steps, the genes that carry our heritage, making us understand that the greatness of life is in its simplicity, that is, since only four nucleotides, A, C, G and T, have been developed by evolutionary differentiation all living beings that we know both animals and plants.

Once these nucleotides or genes are known and identified, the scientific challenge is to be able to act on them, manipulate them, cutting or adding or substituting in their chains the chemical elements that form them and thereby altering the physiognomic characteristics of their bearer, opening enormous possibilities in the field of medical therapeutics to the point of considering that the Medicine that poses to us in the immediate future is totally new and different from the one we know.

The technique through which we can achieve this manipulation, this world of possibilities, is called CRISPR (associations of regular interspaced short palindromic and repeated elements) discovered by the Spanish biologist Dr. José Mójica. To understand how this exciting chapter of molecular biology is carried out, we will dedicate our next gathering.



PIEDAD SANCHEZ CASADO has a degree in Medicine from the University of Granada.

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