30 Mar

Cultural visit organized by the Motril Athenaeum

Coordinated visit by Fidel Delgado Salaza r, vocal of Sciences.


07.45.- Departure from the plane. Gas station Repsol.

08.00.- Departure from the Park of the Peoples of America.

09,30.- Breakfast stop in Guadix. (20 min.)

10.30.- Appointment with the Gorafe guide. Viewpoint of Gorafe.

11.00.- Visit to 4 dolmens of the Conquín pits.

11,30.- Visit to the Megalithic Interpretation Center.

13,30.- Lunch.

15,30.- Alicún displacement (13 Kms .) Fluvial, fluviolacustrine and lacustrine sediments, discordant on substrate of Paleogene - Cretaceous age.

16.00.- Short walk to the travertines of Alicún.

18.00.- Return to Motril.

20.00.- Arrival in Motril.


REGISTRATION : Call 628685124 (Fidel) to register before Wednesday, March 27. Also you have to choose a first and a second to notify the restaurant ahead of time.

PRICES : Travel partners: Free. Travel supporters: € 9. Guided tour of the Mirador and Dolmens: € 2. Visit to the Interpretation Center: € 3. Visit to the Petroglyphs: Free.

CONCERTED FOOD : Restaurant La Illusion € 16.50. Menu: Salmorejo or picadillo soup. Salad for every 4 people Cod with roasted peppers or Choto al ajillo. 1 drink per person. Fruit or any of the desserts that prepare the house or coffee (choose a first and a second to notify the restaurant with time.) There are two other restaurants in case someone prefers to have lunch "for free".

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