6 Jun

Athenian of Chiclana

In the Fco. Montes "Paquiro" bullfighting museum, in collaboration with the delegation of Culture and the commission of the Bicentenary of the birth of the bullfighter José Redondo "El Chiclanero" we will hold a colloquium with the farmer D. Tomás Prieto de la Cal, being the only breed cattle Vazqueña-Veragua of Spain.

Entitled: "La reserva vazqueña".

Its origins go back to Utrera to the cattle breeder Vázquez, then its bulls are bought by King Fernando VII taking them to Aranjuez. The Real Vacada is administered first by the Marqués de Casa Gaviria, (Chiclanero took the alternative in Bilbao with the Limón de Gaviria bull).

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