20 Feb

Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena

He has the pleasure to invite you to his next gathering in which he will remember the dramatic circumstances of the "SPANISH CHILDREN OF THE WAR IN THE USSR" in the hands of some of its protagonists, the writer Vladimir Merino Barrera.
It will be on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the CMFP (Avda Generalife 6) Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena Costa.

Script of the paper drawn from real events, and inspired by the novel: "EVERYTHING BEGAN WITH THAT DAMN WAR".

It narrates the experience of a girl of eleven years who, during the Spanish Civil War, is forced to leave the family and from Bilbao, together with her brother and other children, complete an exodus to the USSR (Children of war) , returning to his country nineteen years later, already a woman and with a five-year-old child. The exodus begins with the family flight from Rentería to Guernica. After the bombing, Bilbao will be the refuge from which the evacuation of 4500 children will be organized, from them, 1495 to the USSR.

From his stay in such distant lands, against the background of World War II, the little brother, fleeing from the German advance, will die on the train journey during the retreat to Siberia, with temperatures even below -25º. Josefina (the protagonist of the story) will live exciting and tragic experiences in this vast country, surrounded sometimes by understanding and affection, sometimes by loneliness and frustrations. The meeting of her first love in Moscow, the difficulties of repatriation and once this was achieved, the new complications to join a society dominated by Franco's dictatorship, antagonistic to Stalin's, in which she was educated.

It is this, a story full of great feeling and emotional strength of The Children of War, real protagonists. Able without a doubt, to face dramatic situations for years, without ever losing the north of their integrity and the imperious desire to regain the family warmth.



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