8 Oct
11 Oct

Athenaeum of Malaga

Monday, October 8

Presentation of the book " History of a stranger "

Author: José Escaño Blanco . Tax Advisor, Social Graduate, Farm Administrator, CEPSA-PROAS Executive Technician, Retiree.

They present:

José Luis Gálvez Alcaide , Cultural Area Officer of the Diputación Provincial de Málaga, and head of the Bullfighting Affairs Area.

Andrés Hidalgo Cruz , Retired, Hotel Management Technician.

Assembly Hall

At 7:30 p.m.

Organized by: Library Vocabulary

Note: The book will be distributed free of charge at the end of the act, until the end of existence


Tuesday, October 9


Round table on the history and culture of sugar in Malaga

Presenter and moderator: Víctor Heredia Flores , Associate Professor of Economic History at the University of Málaga


Jesús González Ruiz. Cultural manager and Doctor in History.

José Enrique López from Coca Castañer . Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at the University of Málaga.

Francisco José Rodríguez Marín . Professor of History of Art at the University of Málaga.

María Cullell Muro . Technical architect and Doctor in History.

Chair: Miguel Tello Reyes . Vocal of History of the Ateneo de Málaga

Assembly Hall

At 7:30 p.m.

Organized by: Vocalía de Historia / Participación Ciudadana

It is about showing an interdisciplinary proposal of intervention to the Andalusian sugar territory, of extraordinary social, political and economic transcendence linked to the productive activities of sugarcane cultivation and sugar processing in the preindustrial and industrial periods.


Wednesday, October 10

Food Culture and Citizenship Cycle at the Ateneo

Inaugural conference of the cycle 2018-2019, dedicated to "Responsible Gastronomy"

"An Act to Promote Responsible Food"

Speaker: Josefa Ruiz Fernández . General Secretary of Public Health and Consumption of the Junta de Andalucía.

Presents: Regina Camacho . Vocal of Food Culture of the Ateneo de Málaga and Secretary of La Carta Malacitana

Assembly Hall

At 8:00 p.m.

Organized by: Vocalia de Cultura Alimentaria and La Carta Malacitana


Thursday, October 11

Inauguration of the exhibition " De la cotidiano "

Author: Matías Murillo Nicolás

Space Frank Rebajes

At 8:00 p.m.

Organized by: Visual Arts and Audiovisual Area

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