22 Sep

A performance (live art) on the street in charge of the theater group VULVA

VULVA part of the performance and action art, therefore each proposal is unique and unrepeatable. We emphasize that VULVA is not a collective, we are not friends, we do not work together as a general rule and our meetings are before the public and unrehearsed. Nothing I'm doing is a continuation of what we started in March, action to exhaustion for four hours straight. This second part, we contemplate as a hangover from that first meeting. Leaving seduced by the score 4'33 "Jonh Cage as a starting point, as opposed to the frenetic pace of any emerging artist. The artists will be arranged in the space so that it will not be the one another. To end it will take all action to a space not inhabited before by any. The streets of Córdoba will be the staging of these young women, Andalusian and European artists with a future projection.


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