25 Jun

Ateneo Andaluz Dos Hermanas

The Andalusian Ateneo Hiking Club proposes for Sunday 25 June a Senderista, cultural and refreshing exit on the beaches of Bolonia and visit to Baelo Claudia.
Departure at 7:00 am from the Arenal Square in Dos Hermanas.
Stop for breakfast at El Cuervo.
Arrival in Bologna and guided tour of the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia.
Afterwards the beginning of the inner path of low difficulty of about 7 km to the natural pools of Bologna.
Stop for food and possible bath according to the state of the tide.
Return by the beach until starting point.
Free time for restrooms and rest.
Return to Dos Hermanas at 18:30 hours.
Price partners of the Andalusian Atheneum € 15, non-members € 20 - The price includes bus, accident insurance and liability. Civil, guide and entrance.
Entries via whatsapp Juanma: 630 756 918.

Last payment day Thursday, June 22. Office hours of the Ateneo in June and July: Tuesday and Thursday from 19 to 21 h.

Places limited by order of payment.
Paradise exists !!!
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