28 Jun
8 Jul

Ateneo Cultural Andaluz Arbonaida

Around the figure of the legendary cantaor Juan José Moreno Jiménez, "Juaniquín", who resided for years in a hut in El Cuervo, turning it into a place of pilgrimage of professionals and amateurs for their genuine way of interpreting cantes (he is owed four Unique styles of soleá), articulates an event that, from an open and transversal perspective, seeks to combine the artistic and the didactic to offer an integral proposal with the jondo art as an essential element and with alternative proposals as a form of enrichment.
Throughout 9 days of intense activity, El Cuervo will reclaim its own space in the flamenco universe paying tribute and contributing to the study of the life and work of Juan José Moreno Jiménez (1862-1946) Juaniquín as one of the singular characters , Illustrious and most relevant and transcendent of the contemporary history of our people.
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