On the 50th anniversary of the Ateneo de Malaga.

The Cervantes Theatre has hosted the Seventh Meeting of Andalusian Ateneos the 50th anniversary of Malaga Ateneo. The event, hosted by journalist Domi del Postigo, has had the presence of the Minister of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Rosa Aguilar; Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre; President of the Federation Ateneos Andalusia, Antonio Manuel Rodriguez; and the president of Ateneo de Malaga, Diego Rodriguez.

The meeting featured three acts, the first of which, entitled 'Culture in freedom', we proceeded to the projection of the video 'Ateneo de Malaga culture free', whereafter, in the presence of the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, and the Minister of culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Rosa Aguilar, at the awards ceremony of the Ateneos Federation of Andalusia, annual awards for activities in favor of culture in different cities.

ATENEO AND ANDALUSIA: Prize: Ateneo de Córdoba by Agustín Gómez Award Accésit Flamenco. Ateneo ARBONAIDA El Cuervo by: "I Mosto Route Cuerveño and IV Edition of Flamenco in the inn."

ATENEO AND CULTURE: Prize: Ateneo de ALGECIRAS: "Festival of the verses and the short story" Second prize. SANLÚCAR Ateneo "theater and dramatized readings".

ATENEO AND SOCIETY: Prize. Ateneo de Granada for 'Democracy Debate' Runners - up prizes: Ateneo Popular ALMODÓVAR: "Homage to the Presidents of the Ateneo" (on his 90th birthday) and Ateneo POPULAR SEVILLA: "Homage to Pedro Ruiz Verdejo ".

SPECIAL MENTION: Ateneo de Málaga: 50th anniversary Runners - up prizes. Ateneos of Jerez de la Frontera and Mairena del Alcor 10 anniversary.

Under the heading of 'Málaga city of art, film city', the second act, which welcomed the appointment of Ateneos of Honor of Andalusia 2016 the Museo Picasso Malaga (collected by Bernard Ruiz Picasso), the Film Festival of Malaga was developed (represented by its director, Juan Antonio Vigar) and Ateneistas of Honor in plastic to Malaga painter Enrique Brinkmann and the Sevillian Luis Gordillo arts.

In the third, 'Athena has woman's name', were appointed Ateneo Honor of Andalusia in performing arts and film, the actress Maria Galiana (Ateneo first woman of honor). The event closed with the President of the Ateneos Federation of Andalusia, Manuel Antonio Rodriguez, who made a claim of cultural circles or atheneums as a mechanism for participation and dissemination of culture among civil society.

And as a finishing touch, Argentina Huelva singer and pianist Paula Coronas Malaga closed a brilliant joint performance with a stunning rendition of the hymn of Andalusia, full of fighting spirit and emotion that thrilled the audience.

Subsequently, the Andalusian Ateneistas shared a table at the Hotel NH Malaga and enjoyed a day of cultural visits and exchange of ideas with the rest of Andalusian cultural associations. A conference that serve to strengthen ties between different cultural associations that make up the federation, some of them with more than a century of history, and to articulate a citizens' movement in full force and extending increasingly harder.

Ateneistas OF HONOR

Luis Gordillo Enrique Brinkmann Maria Galiana

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Malaga Picasso Museum Malaga Film Festival