XX Anniversary of Nazarene Athenaeism

Emotional encounter around the culture, thought, freedom and democracy chaired by the Minister of Culture.

The 24 Athenians of Andalusia integrated into the Federation of Andalusian Athenians have met today, October 6, at the IX Meeting held in Dos Hermanas, Seville, whose host Athenian, in turn, celebrates its 20 years of existence. More than 300 people have gathered at the City of Knowledge of Dos Hermanas to celebrate a festive day dedicated to culture and knowledge, thought and freedom that has been chaired by the Minister of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Miguel Ángel Vázquez, Lt. of Mayor of Dos Hermanas, María del Carmen Gil and the President of the Federation of Athenians of Andalusia, José Manuel Simancas, accompanied by the members of the Board of Directors.

This year has had a brilliant and select cast of Atheists of Honor: the painter Carmen Laffón, National Prize of Plastic Arts, favorite daughter of Andalusia and Grand Cross of the Order of Alfonso X the Wise; the philosopher Emilio Lledó, National Prize of essay, Von Humboldt Prize, Princess of Asturias Award, and favorite son of Andalusia; the singer María Isabel Quiñones "Martirio", Andalusian gold medal; Cubadisco International Prize, and National Prize of the current music of the Culture Ministry; the Hispanic historian, novelist and columnist born in Ireland, Ian Gibson, specialized in the Spanish Civil War and Federico García Lorca and Antonio Machado; the talented and intelligent Manu Sánchez, who is recognized as a famous comedian, but is much more than that, is an artist, actor, presenter, writer. He is 33 years old, he is Nazarene. It has also been distinguished as Ateneo de Honor, "La Carbonería", the avant-garde classroom bar of the culture of Seville where a good part of the intellectuality, creation, art, music, flamenco, the pictorial avant-gardes, have passed. literary and poetic of Seville in the last quarter of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. The Carbonería was run by Paco Lira, and his son Pisco Lira picked up the baton in time to continue with the work of his father. "La Carbonería has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest by the Junta de Andalucía.

The act was presented, very well, by Pilar Flores and Ana Hérica Ramos ateneístas respectively of the Málaga and Jerez athenaeum.
The president of the federation, José Manuel Simancas highlighted in his speech the freedom of thought as one of the most important values ​​for Atheism, as well as respect and the right to discrepancy, participation, tolerance, solidarity, etc. , we work to make minds free and critical, as our wise and honorary attendant D. Emilio Lledó says, we contribute to society spaces, for analysis, reflection, debate and knowledge aimed at improving, proposing, changing situations that affect the life and progress of people. We give impulse to LIFE from Culture; He said that we are an inclusive movement, we work so that Culture reaches all citizens. We are guided by a clear vocation of social transformation, of eliminating the barriers that can stop access to it, a movement that opens its doors to all kinds of initiatives. This work of Culture in Freedom, we have been developing it for about 50 years, since the decline of the Dictatorship and the birth of Democracy. He ended his speech, remembering the ateneistas present at the event: "Let's not forget: we are 4,000 people in Andalusia, 24 federated athenaeums, working for a more cultured, just and democratic world. The Andalusian athenaeums organized and united in the Ateneos de Andalucía Federation to offer spaces of Culture, be stronger, reach more Andalusian citizens, demand more support and institutional recognition, share experiences, demand changes that improve society ... and continue to contribute to making "free minds".

The Vice President of the Federation of Athenaeums, Antonio Manuel Rodríguez, presented the magazine "Ateneos de Andalucía, 10 years united by Culture" and although he congratulated himself on the careful publication, he appealed to the importance of conserving memory and transmitting it orally.
For his part, Ezequiel Martínez, journalist and communication member of the Federation, presented the painter Carmen Laffón (who could not attend due to illness) with an intimate portrait of the great artist who develops his work in "La Jara", in Sanlúcar de Barrameda in front of the estuary of the Guadalquivir and Doñana. By absence this prize was collected by his nephew Ángel Laffón Benjumea.

The Board of Directors of the Federation presented the Ateneos de Andalucía awards. The First Andalusian Athenaeum award went to the Arbonaida Athenaeum of El Cuervo, Seville for a historical-archaeological project in the surroundings of El Cuervo; second prize Athenaeum of Almodóvar del Río; Ateneo and Culture Prize, first prize at the Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe for the tribute to Miguel Hernández, in which the Aitema Theater, the Plastic Arts, the poetry and the Choir groups intervened;
second prize to the Athenians of Granada, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and Ateneo de Córdoba; the Ateneo y Sociedad First Prize went to the Ateneo de Málaga for the cycle of Food Culture and Citizenship; second prize, Ateneo de Jerez. The Ateneos de Herrera, Algeciras, Motril, Popular of Seville and Dos Hermanas, and special mentions of Dos Hermanas for their XX anniversary and the Athenaeum of Cádiz, in the figure of their president Ignacio Moreno who have also received recognition. directed the Institution from 2000 to 2018.

The Camerata del Ateneo de Jerez, directed by Emelina López, gave a concert of popular music at the beginning of the event and closed it, along with the baritone Luis Santana, with the Andalusian anthem. The event ended with a beautiful show in honor of Federico García Lorca "Como canta el poeta", in which Ian Gibson, baritone Luis Santana and pianist Antonio López Serrano intervened.

A beautiful and emotional act in favor of culture, thought and freedom, celebrated in Dos Hermanas, Seville, whose Ateneo celebrates its XX anniversary.