April 5, 2014 in Jerez de la Frontera.

In 2014, on Saturday April 5th, it took place in Jerez de la Frontera the V Meeting of the Federation of Ateneos of Andalusia, in the perfect setting of the La Atalaya and Clock Museum. With the President of the Federation, Antonio Manuel, he presided over the ceremony the Mayor of Jerez, María José García Pelayo, President of Ateneo de Jerez, José Manuel Simancas and the General Secretary of Culture of the Andalusian.

a special memory for the former President of the Federation, Luciano Gonzalez, who was recognized as Ateneo de Honor was held.

On this occasion, Ateneo de Honor was appointed Teatro La Zaranda, and took place also a tribute to the flamenco guitar presented by the Jerez critical, Fermin Lobatón, naming Ateneistas of Honor Manolo Sanlúcar, Paco Cepero and, posthumously, Paco Lucia.
The emotional ceremony ended with the great performance of the Jerez-born guitarist Isaac Moreno and young flamenco guitarist Malaga, Davinia Ballesteros.

the Ateneos Awards Andalusia to activities undertaken by the various federal cultural associations were delivered. The awards "Ateneo and Society" is entragaron to "Las Mesas Ateneo Debate" of Cadiz and "Section of Nature" Ateneo de Jerez. The awards "Ateneo and Culture" were for the "poetry contest Juan Bernier" the Ateneo de Cordoba and "Short Story Contest" Ateneo de Sanlucar de Barrameda. The awards "Ateneo and Andalusia" for the Ateneo Arbonaida El Cuervo, for its Flamenco Cycle "The Hut Juaniquín" and the Ateneo de Mairena del Alcor, by its Group of Plastic Arts. And special mention to the "New Century Magazine Ateneo (ANS)" the Ateneo de Malaga and the Ateneo teammate Francisco Fernández Escalante, former President of Ateneo de Chiclana de la Frontera, for his work during his presidency.

Next, a fraternisation lunch was held in the Romantic Garden Watchtower. Then we visited the Alcázar de Jerez and we delight in the Mosque concert Music of the Three Cultures by Camerata del Ateneo de Jerez. And the day ended with a dinner and flamenco party in the Rock "The Bulería".

And closing the meeting, the Sunday tour of the city and wine tasting at the winery of San Gines offered by the Regulatory Council visit was made.

Ateneistas OF HONOR

Gonzalez Luciano Ossorio

Manolo Sanlúcar

Paco Cepero

Paco de Lucia

ATENEO DE HONOR: Teatro La Zaranda