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Culture, education and economy with social impact

With the participation of the Málaga Athenaeum.


Next Saturday, November 24 , at 8:00 pm , the round table 'Culture, education and economy with social impact' will take place in the auditorium of Ateneo de Málaga within the 2018 edition of Fair Saturday , a table at the Ruth de Frutos (UNESCO Chair of Communication of the UMA) and Álvaro Ledesma (high school teacher specialized in teaching with critical and social character). The table will be moderated by Cristina Consuegra , vocalist of feminism at Ateneo de Málaga.

The city of Malaga has joined the 2018 edition of Fair Saturday, a global cultural movement with social impact that takes place every last Saturday in November and which arrives this Saturday in Malaga, for the first time, surpassing the 60 artistic and cultural events for all the public during the day and in very diverse spaces of the city. Ateneo de Málaga is incorporated into this edition with the organization of a round table that seeks to analyze three fundamental axes for present and future societies: culture, education and economy, interlinked axes and dependent on each other. With the launch of this table, not only will fundamental aspects of current society, related to the aforementioned points, be revised, but also the exercise of feminism in these three areas, its incorporation and social repercussion. It is, after all, to promote social reflection around the weight of these three areas in today's society.



Ruth de Frutos is the coordinator of the Unesco Chair in Communication at the University of Málaga, directed by Professor Díaz Nosty. PhD in Journalism with international mention by the University of Málaga with Cum Laude Outstanding Valuation in 2014, for a doctoral thesis on cultural media indicators (Extraordinary Doctorate Award 2015-2016). After the doctorate he made the Official Master's Degree in International Cooperation and Development Policies of the UMA (Extraordinary Master's Award).

Since she began her doctoral thesis, financed by a Help for the training of university professors (FPU 2009), Dr. de Frutos published in international indexed journals such as the American International Journal of Communication, the Italian ComPol, the Brazilian Caderno espaço feminino, the Mexican reason and word, the Ecuadorian Chasqui. Revista Latinoamericana de Comunicación or las españolas Latin journal of social communication.

He has also coordinated several books, such as that carried out together with Bernardo Díaz Nosty at Thomson Reuters, and has participated in international publications through chapters of books such as that of the British publisher Intellect and others that will be published shortly by the Latin American Association of Researchers. Communication (ALAIC) and the European Association for Research and Education in Communication (ECREA), as well as various works edited by the UNESCO Chair and the International Center for Advanced Communication Studies in Latin America (CIESPAL).



He has worked with teenagers since 1994, which has earned him interest in certain areas and institutions for his work with them. Before becoming a teacher, he dedicated himself to holding workshops for schools, working closely with teenagers and in a freer and more relaxed context than the classrooms, which allowed him to get closer to his way of thinking, acting, reflecting ...

Professor of Spanish Language and Literature in Secondary Education since 1999, the year in which he graduated from the UMA, first in private-concerted centers and, since 2004, holding public office in a center of the Junta de Andalucía. In his professional career he has been a janitor, teacher, tutor, Head of Studies and director. He is currently assigned to the IES Sagrado Corazón de Málaga capital, where he is the Head of the Department of Spanish Language and Literature.

He has been professor of Speech at the School of Legal Practice of the Faculty of Law of the UMA in the 2001/2002 and 2002/2003 courses as well as in the College of San Estanislao to high school students during the 2002/2003 academic year. He was also Coordinator of the Oratory area in the Course-Workshop for Life between the years 2001-2003. General coordinator and manager, in addition, of the Course-Workshop for life during the years 2001 and 2003During the years 2004 and 2007 as well as 2010 and 2014 has coordinated in Malaga the celebration of SAME (Week of Global Action for Education). Currently, he is also a Trainer and Expert of the White Pedagogy where he teaches a session about how he understands a class in secondary school. In 2014, in this area and in his first blog, he coined the expression Pedagogy of Error with which he tries to assess error as one of the best learning tools that exist.