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Cultural programming returns to the Ateneo de Málaga from the writer Rosario Izquierdo


The Athenaeum of Malaga recovers its programming thanks to the colloquium with the writer Rosario Izquierdo, on the occasion of the publication of 'The left-handed son' (Editorial Comba, 2019), a novel that offers a stark view on the various precariousness that current society is going through and the effects of inequalities in personal relationships. Admission is free until the capacity allowed is completed, prior registration at in order to comply with the security protocol.
06/06 / 2020.- Next Saturday, June 20, at 7:30 p.m., the interior courtyard of the Practical College N 1 will be the scene of the colloquium presentation on 'The left-handed son', the new novel by Rosario Izquierdo who will talk with Cristina Consuegra, feminist vocal of Ateneo de Málaga, and those attending the event, on all those issues that cross the novel: precariousness, inequality, the effect of poverty on women, the exercise of ideologies in personal relationships, early maternity , the collapse of the family as a social institution ... Admission is free until the capacity allowed by the current regulations is completed after registering at the email address indicated above. Access to the patio will be made from the premises of the Ateneo de Málaga and to enter the colloquium the use of the mask will be necessary.
Rosario Izquierdo is one of the proper names of the most interesting editorial scene and who knows best how to read the experience of reality, always moving away from artifices or makeup that only look for a Manichean intention in those who read.
About 'The Left Handed Son'
Lola is a mother of progressive tendencies, divorced and with two children, who is drifting from the youngest of them, Lorenzo, towards the obscurities of a neo-Nazi group. Rosario Izquierdo follows in this novel the most uncomfortable footprint of today and abounds in early motherhood and the old stigma of being left-handed. "When I watched Lorenzo freely use wax and colored rotus with his left hand, something was activated inside that gave me an inexplicable relief, as if the child's natural gesture was repairing internal fractures that had divided me long ago." In the attempt to recover her son, Lola will relate to Maru, a mother from a different social class who lives a similar situation to her own. In the background, the play of mirrors among women, the peripheries of cities or the potential of support networks in the face of the shortages experienced by those who have been very young mothers, matters of special interest to the author, which she approached from another angle in his previous novel, 'Diario de campo'. «Are we facing an autobiography? A textual experiment in social anthropology? An essay? A novel? It seems rather a wise combination of all those genres »(Babelia). In 'The left-handed son', Rosario Izquierdo alternates three narrative voices to reach an emotional and impressive human portrait.
Rosario Left
Rosario Izquierdo (Huelva, 1964) is a sociologist and writer. In her literary work she turns part of her research as a sociologist, especially in what has to do with women and their difficulties in the world of work, in pursuit of social and gender equality. In 2014, he published, with great critical success, Diario de Campo, already inserted in this context, "a different, brave novel, which incorporates the sociological record into a story of its own in which it has undressed naked" (Micro-magazine). She is also coordinator of literary writing workshops, and The Left-Handed Son is her second novel.