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Ignacio Moreno resigns as president of the Ateneo de Cádiz

The Cádiz will continue to head the provincial delegation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer


After nearly forty years linked to the Cadiz Athenaeum, Ignacio Moreno Aparicio has decided to resign from the position of president in this institution. The head of the Ateneo de Cádiz closes this Friday a stage of his life with the desire to face new activities that may bring benefits to the society of Cadiz .

In a brief reflection, Moreno Aparicio thanks the collaboration and aporyo that he has received during this time and exposes the reasons why he leaves the presidency of the Ateneo. «In a few dates I am going to turn 65 and it is a more than prudent age to make way for new people, ideas and ways of doing things. I have been president of the Ateneo for 18 years and 18 years as secretary. They are 36 years of uninterrupted presence in their daily management ».

Who until this Friday is the maximum responsible for the Ateneo ensures that «A break will be welcomed by all. I will take the opportunity to put my experience and knowledge in other activities that may require me in the future and that will benefit the general interest of Cadiz as I have tried to do all my life.