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José Almenara will continue as president of the Ateneo de Cádiz

Sole candidate, the current head of the Cádiz entity managed to be unanimously chosen


José Almenara has been elected president of the Ateneo de Cádiz in the elections held last Thursday, where the current head of the Cádiz entity unanimously ratified four more years of mandate. Almenara was until now interim president of the Athenaeum, as he replaced Ignacio Moreno at the head of the board after his retirement after two decades as president.

Almenara, who at that time was vice president, thus manages to be elected for the first time in elections, to which in addition no other candidacy was presented. The new legislature of the Athenaeum will therefore start with the same members who currently serve on the board of directors.

Among the challenges of the Athenaeum is the approach to the youngest through, above all, the chair developed jointly with the University of Cádiz.

The elections were held on Thursday of last week and the members of the Athenaeum were able to participate in them in two ways: by going to vote in person at the headquarters of Calle Ancha and, also, by telematic vote.

Precisely tomorrow Tuesday, the 30th, the Ateneo de Cádiz will celebrate its closing ceremony of the course, in a year evidently marked by the state of alarm and the confinement of the population due to the coronavirus epidemic, which also forced the Athenaeum to close all its extensive program of public events from March 12.

This atypical year, then, will end with the closing conference entitled Ship-school Juan Sebastián de Elcano , ambassador and navigator. It will be taught by Santiago de Colsa Trueba , captain of the ship and commander of the training ship Juan Sebastián de Elcano. It will be presented by Joaquín Tomás González Fernández, Marine Corps Colonel and Defense Deputy Delegate in Cádiz.

The event can be followed tomorrow, from 8:30 p.m., on the Ateneo's Youtube channel from the entity's website, with the URL de-elcano-ambassador-and-navigator.

At the headquarters of the Athenaeum on Calle Ancha this event will be held with a very limited capacity, only 16 people. From now on, it is the intention of the board of directors to also promote the telematic means of the Athenaeum, as has been done at the time of this confinement.