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The ATeneo de Cádiz unanimously grants the XVII Drago de Oro Prize to Ignacio Moreno Aparicio.


The Jury of the Drago de Oro Prize 2018 corresponding to its XVII edition, has decided unanimously to grant it to the former President of the Ateneo, Ignacio Moreno Aparicio (1953). Said Prize will be delivered next Friday, November 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hon. Diputación de Cádiz.
The winner has developed an extensive work in the gaditano atheneistic world. He was Secretary General (1983-2000) and President of the Ateneo (2000-2018). In its 18 years as President, the Athenaeum has organized some 3,500 activities in its headquarters on the street Ancha, being a meeting place open to all cultural sensibilities. Undoubtedly, one of the most fruitful times in the history of the Cadiz Athenaeum, close to turning 161 years of uninterrupted presence in the City.
The Board of Directors with its President José Almenara Barrios, approved in its first meeting held in September and ratified the approval by the Membership Assembly, also appoint Ignacio Moreno as Honorary President of the Athenaeum and award him the Gold Medal in recognition and thanks for their invaluable delivery during the last 36 years of the Institution's life. The Board of Directors has valued its wide cultural trajectory and the democratic spirit with which it has managed to carry out its duties. His recognized bonhomie, the dignity that he has known to print to the Athenaeum and a permanent defense of the general interests of Cádiz, from the concord, the consensus and the personal generosity, with a good management outstanding mainly by the analysts.

Ignacio Moreno Aparicio joins the historic Pleiad of Presidents of the Athenaeum to whom they were thanked for their work as Mr. Miguel Ayllón, Mr. Alfonso Moreno Espinosa, Mr. Juan Ceballos, Mr. Adolfo de Castro, Mr. Cayetano del Toro, Mr. Mr. Rafael de la Viesca, Mr. Ramón Ventín, Mr. José Mª Pemán or Mr. Antonio Orozco.
The Golden Drago have received him among other personalities: Mayte Pagazaortundua Bernat Soria, SM Queen Sofía, Adolfo Suarez, University of Cádiz, Cádiz Newspaper, Cádiz Radio, Cádiz Debate Forum 2012, Carlos Díaz Medina, José Ramón Pérez Díaz , Alersi Javier Anso, Pedro Miguel Lamet and Mariano Barbacid.