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The Ateneu Popular de Sarrià, calcined and with swastikas, fascist symbols and proclamations of "death to the CDR"

Although authorities say that, for now, the causes of the fire are unknown, those responsible for the space show evidence pointing to a "fascist attack"


The Ateneu Popular de Sarrià , located on Hort de la Vila street in the Barcelona district, has risen this morning completely burned by a fire that took place at dawn. The flames have not caused any injuries, but the building suffers significant structural damage and firefighters warn of the risk of collapse.

The fire took place towards three in the morning in this building, located at number 29 of the street Hort de la Vila de Sarrià, and sources of the Ateneu have indicated that it would have been provoked since in the courtyard have appeared swastikas, crosses Celtic and graffiti 'You are dead CDR' . "Today, between 3-4 in the morning, we have burned the Ateneu Popular de Sarrià, inside, Nazi and Francoist symbols, now, waiting to recover the material that was inside", said the Ateneu on Twitter.

The Mossos investigate the origin of the fire, in some investigations in which their main hypothesis is that it was intentional, according to the sources. On the other hand, sources of the Ateneu have indicated that, pending the report of the firemen, probably the building will have to be overthrown due to the bad conditions in which it has remained. In this sense, the Firemen of Barcelona and municipal technicians have moved until the Ateneu to evaluate if there are structural damages.

This is the fourth attack suffered by the local, which has intensified since the referendum of 1-O , so far in the form of graffiti, silicone in the lock or damage to the door. Thus, fascist graffiti had previously appeared in the courtyard, and even on November 18, a group managed to enter the premises by breaking the rear window and causing serious damage.