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MaF 2020 presents at the Ateneo de Málaga

The exhibition "Gaia and margarita world. A dialogue with James Lovelock"


Today, Wednesday, March 4 , at 20 hours , in the Pérez Estrada room, at the Ateneo de Málaga , and within the Malaga program of the Festival in its 2020 edition, the opening of the exhibition 'Gaia and Mundo Margarita will take place. An artistic dialogue with James Lovelock 'that can be visited until March 27 and is made up of works by artists from different languages. This exhibition has the participation of the Malaga Foundation . Admission is free until capacity is reached.


MaF 2020 , organized by the Malaga Festival in order to think about the present, dialogue with the event, through the different activities that make up its programming, while the cinematographic discipline is valued, has as its essential discursive axis, the Climate emergency, the main challenge that humanity must overcome in order to maintain life in a livable, livable condition. To reinforce this horizon, and within the solid collaboration that Festival de Málaga maintains with Ateneo de Málaga, the exhibition 'Gaia and Mundo Margarita is promoted. An artistic dialogue with James Lovelock 'shows that he seeks to review the Gaia theory from the perspective of essential artists to understand our contemporaneity, our way of relating to the present and its circumstances. Artists capable of inventing artistic futures.


During the second half of the twentieth century, scientist James Lovelock gave life to one of the most revolutionary and controversial theories of the scientific community - perhaps of humanity - the Gaia theory, a theory that considers the planet Earth a living whole, a being alive capable of regulating itself, that is, a living entity capable of regulating its essential conditions by itself, or, in other words, an entity capable of maintaining life in the necessary conditions for life to exist. In 1983, Lovelock promoted, along with Andrew Watson, the simulation Mundo daisy that allowed him to illustrate Gaia's homeostatic theory.

With the launch of this exhibition we want to offer the possibility of reflecting on the devastating effects of the anthropocene, the extinction of species, the climatic migrations, the scarcity of water… In short, to analyze the path taken that has led us to this androcentric scenario in which we continue to feel owners of the planet with the capacity to decide on the vegetable and animal kingdoms. We know that we have little margin, but we still have time to mitigate certain effects of the global global temperature increase; In this sense, we believe that the cultural fabric of each society must be an active part of this room for maneuver, an activity that should allow it to invent new ways of reflection that encourage citizens to add their voice to request, to those who decide on climate policies, New paradigms in the matter.