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For the recovery of ethics in politics and communication.

Ateneo de Málaga.


The Ateneo de Malaga, true to its founding principles, aims to promote public debate on democratic restart, a process that marks the return of the ethical foundations of politics and communication, and the involvement of an educated and informed citizenry that requires fair and effective political answers to their problems.

The economic crisis has revealed a political crisis that severely affects the legitimacy of institutions and the credibility of public actors. The gradual process of deterioration of democracy and the betrayal of the ethical foundations of politics have come to eventually lead to social unrest manifested in the divorce between citizens and their representatives, heightened by the feeling that corruption goes unpunished in many cases.

We are facing a crisis of expectations, confidence and legitimacy, rooted in the lack of public ejemplaridad, the professionalization of politics, poor internal democracy in political parties and their suspected financing methods.

Nothing harms the prestige of the institutions that the perception that are the heritage of a few and that are managed outside the problems and interests of citizens who demand honesty against deception partisan criteria. .

Given all this, it is clamorous the need for a restart of democracy, collective work in the institutions, the media and education in its broadest sense must commit to proposals and policies that promote democratic renewal.

Faced with the almost exclusive primacy of economics in political discourse, the Spanish society needs a return to politics because only from it can address the problems, find new consensus and rebuild our framework of coexistence, strengthening the model of democratic and social State ..

Spain requires urgent and profound structural reforms in the functioning of government. Legislative changes need to be addressed to ensure the internal democratization of the parties; carry out a reform of the electoral law to make it more balanced proportion between votes and seats and also assume greater ownership of commitments from the candidates; the effective prosecution of corruption; limiting positions appointed and transparency in the functioning of institutions.

This restart process illustrated demand a real philosophy based on the recovery of civic ethics and so degraded both political debate. The degeneration of public life is reflected in the lack of accuracy, precision and intellectual level of the constant harangue repeating empty slogans that ultimately mean nothing, full of demagoguery and linguistic cosmetics. Against this, it is essential to claim a political discourse involving a new commitment to the citizens.

Democratic governance requires also a knowledgeable and demanding, able to exercise responsible oversight over public officials and policies that develop citizenship. The weakness of journalism is linked directly to the weakness of democracy. Therefore journalism should return to the principles of democratic reference (responsible truthful, plural, and ethical and practice of counter rather than an instrument of political and party pollution), applying a binding ethical codes that engage the media and professionals.

These civic virtues are unthinkable without considering the vital importance of education, whose meaning can not be reduced, as some claim with the deactivation of the humanities and social sciences, only the acquisition of professional skills to serve the changing needs markets, but to the integral formation of conscious, free and critical citizens.

That is why so the Ateneo, in this election year, calls on the commitment of all in this common task of renewal of democratic life.

The preparation and drafting of this manifesto has been carried out on the initiative of the Board of the Ateneo de Malaga, a committee of specialists intellectuals in politics and communication ethics consists of: - Maria Chantal Perez Hernandez, vice chancellor of University Extension and Professor department of English, French and German AMU. - Juan Antonio García Galindo, Professor of Journalism, dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences and member of Foreign Ateneo-UMA. - Angel Valencia Saiz, Professor of Political Science UMA. - Guillermo Busutil, journalist and writer. - Manuel Toscano Méndez, Associate Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Politics UMA. - Socorro Puy Segura, Professor of Economic Theory and History of AMU. - Juan Gaitan, a journalist and member of Publications Ateneo.