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Pérez Calero, re-elected president of the Ateneo for four more years


This Wednesday the General Meeting of Accounts and Elections of the Ateneo de Sevilla has been held, where Alberto Máximo Pérez Calero has been re-elected as president of the institution for a period of four more years, according to the Athenaeum itself in a press release.

Thus, the first call has been around 7.30 pm on this Wednesday and the second, at 20.00. During the course of the assembly, which has been held in the Athenaeum Assembly Hall, all items on the agenda have been approved by acclamation.

Therefore, in addition to approving the memory of course activities and economic memory, the candidacy presented by Alberto Máximo Pérez Calero, current president of the Ateneo, who has renewed for another four years, has been proclaimed by acclamation. At this point, the Electoral Commission, formed by Matilde Donaire Pozo, José Miguel Valderrama Esparza and Miguel Villa España, has taken the stand.

The Board of Directors will be composed of, among others, José Manuel García-Quílez Gómez, as vice president; Ángel Moliní Estrada, as general secretary; and Francisco Pérez Morón, as treasurer.