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The Andalusian Athenaeums demand aid to mitigate the losses of the sector


The Andalusian Athenaeum Federation, chaired by Juan Gaitán, has made a manifesto in defense of the cultural sector, since it considers that the management of the economic consequences that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing, “clearly shows that, once again, culture is going to be left behind . Not only is it not going to be considered an essential asset (as has happened in other nearby countries), but it is not going to receive the aid it needs to mitigate the losses of the sector to a minimum. ”

From the entity remember that the Andalusian Athenaeums have among their purposes the promotion and cultural dissemination , as well as the defense of democratic values, among others. "Can an institution whose primary purpose is the defense of culture remain outside of this situation? It is not just about defending the culture and the people who produce it, share it, spread it, etc., but to highlight that it is an essential piece for our individual and collective development ”, they point out.

They highlight that now that “the world has stopped, culture has demonstrated its potential to connect us and make us part of a feeling of community that reminds us of our roots and ethical principles, our ability to create and draw closer to the dreams and illusions of others. . The Andalusian Athenaeum Federation and the athenaeums that compose it consider it necessary for the Public Administrations to adopt measures that allow the survival of the cultural sector, just as they are doing with other areas of economic activity ”.