The Deputy Mayor for Culture and Heritage, David Luque, and the president of the Ateneo de Córdoba, Antonio Varo, have presented the basis for the convocation of the XXXIII Juan Bernier Poetry Contest, the VI Agustín Gómez de Flamenco Prize - Cante- And the Fifth Rafael Mir Story Competition, which convenes the cultural institution and which again have the support of the city council.

In the presentation press conference, Luque and Varo have once again remembered and paid tribute to the outstanding flamenchologist and founding partner of the Ateneo de Córdoba, recently deceased, Agustín Gómez, after whose loss will be celebrated in his "absence", as "sad news" Of this year, the VI Prize of Flamenco that takes its name, recognition that in his day also granted him the Chair of Flamencología Agustín Gómez of the University of Cordova. After underlining the promotion of the different arts that perform the annual awards of the Ateneo de Córdoba, David Luque said that "the athenaeums are still the present cultural associationism in many parts of Spain and Andalusia" and has advanced that "this year Is going to celebrate in Cordoba the annual meeting of Andalusian athenaeums ". The deadline for the presentation of poetry and stories, as well as to attend the 4th Flamenco Award Agustín Gómez, will remain open until September 30.