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"The Ateneo gets the formal and public commitment of the Minister of Culture so that Cádiz has a Museum in the birthplace of Manuel de Falla."


This morning, organized by the Ateneo de Cádiz and the Manuel de Falla Association, the traditional floral offering that has been dedicated to the figure of Manuel de Falla for almost 30 years has taken place at 12.30.
Before a very large audience in the courtyard of the birthplace of Falla in the Plaza de Mina and in collaboration with the family of Emilio Triguero, Vicente Mira first intervened to remember the relationship of Falla and Cádiz, following Fernando Sánchez, President of the Manuel de Falla National Association, which has spoken of the important work of the Ateneo in the last 30 years to remember how attention has been kept on Falla when the rest of society did not pay enough attention.
Elena García de Paredes, grand niece of Falla, offered all the loyal and delighted collaboration of the Manuel de Falla Foundation of Granada, which she manages with whatever Cadiz needs.
The Council of Culture, Miguel Ángel Vazquez Bermudez, said he feels very comfortable with this celebration of the Festival Falla in Cádiz that brought about justice with the moral duty of the Junta with Cádiz.
The President of the Athenaeum, Ignacio Moreno, closed the turn of interventions, thanking the presence of the Counselor and the niece of Falla, Elena García de Paredes, as well as councilors Fran Gonzalez and Bruno Garcia.
He recalled the relationship between Salzburg and Mozart, commenting how this city has managed to turn all the cultural and economic movement towards the figure of Mozart, making almost everything profitable up to incredible limits. Mozart and Salzburg are one and the same thing.
Unfortunately, the relationship between Cádiz and Falla is not at all like that of Mozart and Salzburg.
Cádiz owes a lot to Falla and can barely know how to take advantage of this relationship.
Taking advantage of the presence of the Consejro de Cultura, the President of the Athenaeum
He gave the example of Tarradellas when he was called by Adolfo Suarez in 1976 to meet and negotiate a possible and hypothetical return of the Generalitat in exile to Catalonia and that regains certain prerogatives to start walking again.
Analysts say that that meeting ended badly and that the actors of it were insulted and almost reach the hands.
When Tarradellas left the meeting, all the national and international press anxiously awaited his words and the old and experienced leader only gave his ear to President Suarez and left impressed by the generosity of President Suarez, his seriousness, his democratic and clean behavior towards Catalonia and that they had reached a principle of agreement thanks to Suarez so that the Generalitat could be reinstated again.
Suarez could not deny what had clearly not happened but could not sink a state issue that defended the general interests of a large part of the Spanish population.
At that moment, the Counselor understood the message and left it spontaneously, "From this moment, Manuel de Falla will have a Museum in his native house" and he shook hands with the President of the Athenaeum.
The Councilor has made it clear that there is a clear will and commitment of the Junta de Andalucía to reach future agreements with the Triguero family and the Ateneo so that Cádiz can soon have the necessary and deserved Manuel de Falla Museum in his home from the Plaza de Mina.