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The Ministry of Culture receives representatives of the Federation Athenaeums of Andalusia


The Deputy Minister of Culture, Alejandro Romero has held a meeting with representatives of the Board of Directors of the Athenian Federation of Andalusia. The Acting President of the Federation and ateneísta de Jerez, José Manuel Simancas Berraquero, accompanied by Pepe Gómez Vela, treasurer and ateneísta Chiclana, and Ezequiel Martínez, communication and ateneísta Mairena del Aljarafe, have exposed the Deputy Minister the need that the Board continue to support the Athenian Federation of Andalusia, composed of 23 Ateneos de Andalucía, in order to continue developing the cultural activities that occur in each Ateneo. Specifically, support has been requested for the X Meeting of Athenians of Andalusia, which will take place on Saturday, September 14 at 12 o'clock in the Auditorio de la Merced in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in which we will commemorate the V Centenary of the First Vuelta at World made by Magallanes (1519-2019), and for the edition of the magazine nº 2 Ateneos de Andalucía.

In that act honorary commissariats will be named writer José Manuel Caballero Bonald; the bailaora Sara Baras; the writer and professor Antonio Manuel Rodríguez, and the Chair of Art History specialist in the Baroque, Rosario Camacho Martínez of the University of Málaga. The distinction of Athenaeum of Honor will be for the Casa de Medina Sidonia Foundation.

After the meeting with Alejandro Romero, Patricia del Pozo, Minister of Culture, welcomed us, who expressed her desire to continue supporting the Andalusian Athenaeums, as much as possible given her contribution to the development of culture in the towns and cities from the bottom up. .