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Theatre reads the Alhambra

"The songs sung to children" by Raul Dans, with actors Histrión and Patch Theatre.


SGAE and the Board of the Alhambra Foundation and the Generalife of Granada continue on Friday 13 January with the cycle of releases dramatized readings 'The theater reads the Alhambra', a proposal in cooperation with the Encompañía Association, which inaugurates 2017 with the representation of 'the songs sung to children' Raul Dans (XXIV SGAE Theatre Prize Jardiel Poncela - 2015). Assembly, about 90 minutes long, is intended for an adult audience, who will have free access to the room until full capacity.

Inaugurated this initiative in 2017 the play by Raul Dans 'The songs sung to children', which won the SGAE Theatre Prize XXIV Jardiel Poncela. This dramatic reading of secret and disappearances take the direction of Juan Alberto Salvatierra, who will advise the staging of a cast composed of Carmen Damas, Juanjo Rengel, Mario Martin and Ana Ortega, Grenadines Histrión theater companies and Patch.

With respect to the author, Raul Dans coruñés started in theater as an actor, although he soon formed as a screenwriter and playwright and in 1993 published his first work: Matalobos, Rafael Dieste prize Theater. He has won the Alvaro Cunqueiro Theatre, the Premi Born de Teatre prize and has worked as dialoguista, scriptwriter and creator of fiction for television Galicia in various series.

'Food for mastiffs'
As the end of the cycle, on Friday 20 January, training interpreters Theatre Licaón star in the scenic reading 'Food for mastiffs', the work of Javier Sahuquillo, SGAE Prize Contest IX Leopoldo Mínguez Wings 2015 (LAM Prize). Viewers of this initiative will enjoy this journey of self-knowledge in wars period by interpreters Antonio Leiva, Virginia Nölting, Roberto Manzari, Anabel Collado and Emmanuel Garcia, directed by Pinaki Gomez.

As the historian, playwright and director Javier Valencia Sahuquillo scene, he has conducted workshops writing Sanchis Sinisterra with Paco Zarzoso, or Alonso de Santos. Ukraine co-directs the theater magazine and is part of the Valencian Dogs Danish company. As an author, he has released 'The round of fear', 'Passport', 'On the Origin of Species 2.0' 'Fedra' and '#lodelmono'. To his credit include the VII Premio d'Escriptura Creative Bancaixa-Universitat, I Theatrical Texts Prize, and have been Spanish representative in the PIIGS Festival (2015).

A singular dramatic proposal
The award-winning theatrical premiere this cycle texts that are part of the publishing catalog of the SGAE Foundation, with initiatives such as the dramatized readings are intended to promote and support the creation of new dramatic texts that contribute to enriching the theater scene.

This triple proposal read in Granada theater keeps the uniqueness of bringing together performers, directors and the public around a unique experience: the premiere of a work never before displayed and tested the same day.