Ateneos de Andalucia Associations Almodovar del Río Córdoba



The Popular Athenian of Almodóvar del Río, current headquarters of the Federation "Ateneos of Andalusia", hosted on Saturday 18 March, to different Andalusian cultural centers, to celebrate the general and extraordinary Assembly of the Federation, where among other matters, re-elected the current board, for one more year:

President: Antonio Manuel Rodríguez Ramos (Popular Ateneo de Almodóvar del Rio)
Vice President: Luciano González Ossorio (Ateneo de Málaga)
Secretary: Francis of Assisi Moya Hiniesta (People Ateneo de Sevilla)
Treasurer: José Gómez Vela (Ateneo de Chiclana)

After the meeting, there was a convivial meal in the courtyard of the Ateneo and then visit the Ethnological Museum where attendees quedaros, marveling at what took place is there: a trip to the past of our Andalusian history.