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Twinning between Ateneo de Cádiz and Ateneo de Puerto Real

The institutional act will be held on Thursday, February 6 at the headquarters of the Gaditano Athenaeum


The Literary, Arts and Sciences Athenaeum of Puerto Real strengthens ties with the Literary, Scientific and Artistic Athenaeum of Cádiz, in an institutional twinning event that will take place this Thursday, February 6. The event, which will begin at half past seven in the afternoon, will take place at the Atheist headquarters of the Cadiz capital. This special event presents a significant singularity given that under the agreement reached by both boards of directors, a relationship between one of the oldest athenaeums in Spain is forged, as is the case of the Cadiz athena whose foundation dates from the mid-19th century, and one of the recently created athenaeum, since that of the Villa has only three and a half years of life. With this step, both associations intend to cement future collaboration agreements.

About this event, the president of the Athenaeum of Puerto Real, Manuel Villalpando Chanivet, does not hide the satisfaction of the group and points out that “ for our athenaeum it is a great pride, at the same time it is a great responsibility this twinning, since the Athenaeum of Cádiz has Behind him a history and an impressive cultural background, which for us represents a great stimulus and saving distances, is a mirror in which to look and continue to grow in our desire to promote the arts and sciences both in Puerto Real and in the Bay of Cádiz ” . He also adds that "the Athenaeum of Cádiz will contribute its history and heritage, and on the Puerto Rican side we will try to breathe the freshness and momentum of a child, who wants to learn from the hand of his older brother."

It will be precisely Villalpando Chanivet, and the president of the Cádiz Athenaeum, and José Almenara Barrios, who are leading the speeches that will be offered at the event. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the role played by Almenara Barrios in that the agreement comes to fruition, given its relationship with the Puerto Rican Athenaeum, of which it is also a member. During the event, reading will also be given by the secretaries of the minutes where both directives ratified the collaboration agreement. To liven up the evening, the singer of Puerto Real, Carmen Cote will perform several songs. As a final touch to this event, attendees will enjoy a snack that will be served at the Gaditano Casino.