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"XVI Promotion" of the Antonio Gala Foundation.

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XVI Promotion

The exhibition of plastic arts, XVI Promoción , summarizes the work that the artists of the XVI Residents Promotion of the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators have developed during the 2017-2018 academic year.

The Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators, located in the former Convent of Corpus Christi in Córdoba, annually announces places for accommodation and maintenance for young creators between eighteen and twenty-five years of age in Spanish. These scholarships have as their main purpose the coexistence between different branches of the world of art and culture, thus promoting mutual enrichment and facilitating young people of promising career in their respective disciplines (narrative, poetry, theater, musical composition, painting, sculpture .. .), the development of a creation project during an academic course that takes place between the months of October and May.


The fundamental objective of these grants is to train them in the idea that everyone should be enriched by coexistence, and that within the Foundation they can "live to work without having to work to live", an idea of ​​writer Antonio Gala that has finally been fulfilled with the start-up of the project that bears his name.

To this day, some 250 young creators have participated in sixteen promotions.

The work of the young creators in the Antonio Gala Foundation is presided over by freedom. There are no professors who direct their activity, but they eventually receive the visit of creators already consecrated who guide and advise them. One of the pillars of the Antonio Gala Foundation is to encourage coexistence among residents and enrich each one's own discipline with that of others.

It is this "cross-fertilization", of which Antonio Gala speaks, which must preside over daily life: young people meet at the end of the day to explain their progress, their doubts, share their experiences and enrich each other. In this way, the writer learns from the musician, the musician of the sculptor, the sculptor of the painter and so on.

The XVI Residents Promotion has counted with the presence of six plastic artists: Alsira Monforte Baz (Zamora, 1992); Ana Daganzo (Madrid, 1992); Gabriel Camino (Laredo, Cantabria, 1992); Malek Sordo (Tetouan, Morocco, 1992); Paula Suárez Aragón (Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1992) and Sheila Rodríguez Cañestro (Málaga, 1991).