28 Dec
19 Jan

Organized by: DKV Seguros Médicos, LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation

LABoral is a multidisciplinary institution that produces, disseminates and promotes access to new cultural forms born from the critical and creative use of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Platform 0. Production Center LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation makes its Production Center available to the cultural sector. Platform 0, for the realization of projects at the intersection between art, science, technology and society, with the aim of enabling the execution of artistic proposals and their introduction in professional circuits.

DKV Seguros Grupo DKV is part of Munich RE AG, a leading reinsurance company worldwide. In Spain, the DKV Group is implanted throughout the national territory, with an extensive network of offices and offices in which almost 2,000 employees work, and which serves nearly 2 million customers. Its vocation is to offer its policy-makers quality-oriented management, characterized by an attitude of permanent innovation in products and services and by specialization in health and personal insurance. The insurance company specializing in health DKV has created DKV Arteria, a program dedicated to promote different actions that promote artistic creation, always linked to health and improve the quality of life of people. In this way, faithful to its artistic commitment, DKV aims to promote innovation and creativity in general among the insurance and healthcare sector, as well as promoting it as a value in society.

José Luis Álvarez Margaride The production grant commemorates the figure of José Luis Álvarez Margaride, born in Gijón and president of DKV Seguros until his death in 2010, due to his commitment to
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