17 Dec
8 Feb

Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC), Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT)

Participation is open to any person of legal age who presents his / her own images that have not been selected in similar contests or selection processes, and that are included in the aforementioned theme.

In addition, to encourage the participation of students of secondary education and vocational training through their teachers, they can do so in the "Science in the classroom" mode.

The theme of the images should be science and technology. The images must be related to scientific research and its technological and industrial applications, reflecting the object of study of scientific activity, the people who perform it, its instrumentation and facilities or the technologies resulting from scientific progress.

Areas of knowledge: Agriculture and Livestock | Architecture | Molecular and cellular biology and genetics | Plant and animal biology | Science and technology of food | Materials science and technology | Earth sciences | Social sciences | Economy | Philology and Philosophy | Physics and Space Sciences | History, Art and Archeology | Engineering | Mathematics | Medicine, Physiology and Pharmacology | Environment and Ecology | New technologies | Psychology and CC. Education | Chemistry.

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