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District of Moncloa-Aravaca (Madrid)

The District of Moncloa-Aravaca with the aim of promoting and encouraging the participation of citizens with concerns in the poetic creation, establishes the basis of the II Poetry Contest "Blas de Otero", constituting the object of these rules the regulation and convocation of said contest. The provisions of the additional provision of the Ordinance of general regulatory bases for the granting of subsidies by the Madrid City Council and its public bodies, of October 30, 2013, in Law 38/2003, will be applicable in this call. November 17, General Subsidies and its Regulations, as well as what is included in this call.

All persons of Spanish nationality and foreigners, residents of Spain, over 18 years old, may participate. The participants must have reached the age required on the date of the contest. The members of the Jury or the winners of previous editions of this contest can not participate.

At the time of the presentation of the work, participants must present a declaration responsible for not being involved in any of the prohibitions provided for in Article 13 of the General Subsidies Law, as well as, that they are up to date in fulfilling their obligations. tax obligations and against Social Security and the fulfillment of obligations for reimbursement of subsidies.

The poems will be free theme and metrics, written in Castilian, original and unpublished, having to fulfill the condition of not having been rewarded in any other contest or published in physical and / or digital support, being accredited this end by sworn statement.

It will be an essential requirement that the poems contain, at least, a reference to space / os or place / s of the District of Moncloa-Aravaca, in the form in which the author decides.

The extension of the collection of poems will be at least 3 and a maximum of 10 poems and with a limit of 20 pages, in a format of 21 x 29.7 cm (DIN A4), printed on one side with double spacing, size of font 12 and Arial typeface.

The deadline for submission of works will be from the day following the publication of these bases in the Official Gazette of the Madrid City Council and in the electronic site https://sede.madrid.es, until October 26, 2018.

4.1. The works will be presented in paper format, indicating the author's pseudonym and the title of the work.

The work will be accompanied by another sealed envelope, which will be called "escrow" and containing: - Personal information of the participant (name and surnames, address, email and contact telephone numbers).

- Statement responsible for not being involved in any of the prohibitions provided for in the aforementioned article 13 of the General Subsidies Law and being up-to-date in complying with its tax obligations and with Social Security. This document (Annex I) is published, together with the call, in the Official Gazette of the Madrid City Council and in the electronic site https://sede.madrid.es. - Sworn statement that the poems presented are original and unpublished and have not been awarded in any other contest. According to Law 39/2015, of the LPAC in its article 16.4, the documentation may be presented: A) In the electronic record of the Administration or Organization to which they are directed, as well as in the remaining electronic records of any of the subjects those referred to in art. 2.1 (The General State Administration, The Administrations of the Autonomous Communities, The Entities that make up the Local Administration, The institutional public sector). B) At the post offices, in the manner established by regulation. C) In diplomatic representations. U consular offices of Spain abroad. D) At the records assistance offices. E) In any other that establish the effective dispositions.

If the envelope does not meet the requirements established in the call will require the interested party, by publication in the Official Gazette of the City of Madrid so that, within the maximum and non-extendable period of ten working days from the day following that publication, subsane these defects, with the warning that in the contrary case it will be considered as abandoned in its petition, prior resolution dictated in the terms foreseen in art. 21 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administrations, which will be published in the Official Gazette of the Madrid City Council as provided in article 45.b of the aforementioned law, prior at the beginning of the instruction phase, all in accordance with the provisions of article 68 of Law 39/2015 of October 1, the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

5. JURY.
The works will be judged by a jury chaired by the Councilor-President of the Moncloa-Aravaca District or person delegated, who will also designate three members with recognized experience in the world of literature and a Secretary, who will be a civil servant. the aforementioned District Board with voice but without vote.

The criteria to be taken into account in the evaluation of the selected works will be:
- Artistic values ​​of the poems.
- Creativity and technical quality
- Originality of the proposal.

The prizes may be declared void, if the jury so decides. The decision of the jury, which will be final, will take place before November 8, communicating to the winners individually and later published in the Official Gazette of the Madrid City Council and in the electronic site https://sede.madrid.es .

The jury is solely responsible for the interpretation of these rules, as well as the resolution of any incident that may arise during the development of the contest.

The total amount of the prizes is € 3,700, distributed as follows:
- First prize: € 2,000
- Second prize: € 1,000
- Third prize: € 700

In the awarding of the prizes, the current legislation on Personal Income Tax will be taken into account, in order to apply the corresponding withholdings. The prizes will be paid by bank transfer to the account indicated by the beneficiaries, and must be submitted within 2 business days, since the award concession is announced, the form of the form called "Registration of payment by transfer" that will be provided to the winners in the Cultural Activities Unit.

The amount of the prize that is awarded will be assigned to the budget application 482.03 Current transfers. Awards, program 334.01 Cultural Activities, Expense Budget 2018 of the Moncloa Aravaca District.

The authors assign the rights of exploitation, reproduction, distribution and public communication of their works to the Madrid City Council. The copies, physical and digital, of the works not awarded will be destroyed after the jury's decision, and in no case will the return of the same be contemplated.

The District of Moncloa-Aravaca may carry out the actions it deems appropriate to disseminate the submitted works, in order to promote the participants in this Contest.

The award ceremony will be held, except force majeure, on November 7, 2018, although the payment of the prizes will be made by transfer.

The payment for results is not applicable given that the amount of the prizes does not depend on the results obtained.

The call for the contest will be published, in accordance with the provisions of article 2 of the first additional provision of the Ordinance of General Regulatory Bases for the Granting of Grants by the Madrid City Council and its Public Bodies, in the Official Gazette of the Madrid City Council , as well as in the electronic site https://sede.madrid.es, including the data and documents indicated in article 6 of the ordinance, it will also be published in the Official Bulletin of the Community of Madrid without prejudice to publicity that, through the means of communication and other formulas, is carried out by the district for a greater diffusion of the contest.

The resolutions and procedural steps derived from the administrative procedure to which the personal data of the present application are incorporated and in the terms established in its call, may be published in the BOAM, in the Bulletin of Edicts of the Madrid City Council (format electronic), on the municipal website www.madrid.es or on the municipal intranet "AYRE". The publication in the different municipal electronic media will be blocked or canceled when the publicity period of the corresponding administrative act has ended, adjusting for this to the Instruction 2/2010, of December 27, approved by the General Director of Quality and Attention to the Citizen (BOAM of January 3, 2011

The data will be communicated to the Units of the municipality competent in the matter related to the communication made and may not be transferred to third parties except in the cases provided for in the current regulations on the protection of personal data.

The competent body for the instruction will be the Coordinator of the District and the competent one for the resolution of the procedure of concession of the prizes the Councilwoman President of the District.

The jury will record in the minutes the result of the evaluation in accordance with the criteria of this call and send them to the examining body, which will raise the proposal for awarding the prize to the Councilwoman President of the District.

The hearing procedure is omitted in the motion for resolution as no other facts or other allegations that are adduced by the applicants are included in the procedure or taken into account.

The deadline for resolving and notifying the granting of the prize will be less than 6 months in accordance with the provisions of article 25.7 of the LGS.

The resolution by which the prizes are awarded by the district ends the administrative procedure.

The winners will be obliged to return the prize if it is proven that their work has been previously awarded or committed to an editorial or multinational company, or a claim based on their authorship is raised. In the same way, they must return the prize if the fulfillment of the requirements demanded in these bases is not proved.

The organization may introduce, if it deems necessary, the modifications it deems appropriate for the proper functioning of the contest.

After 15 days of the resolution of the present call, the organization will proceed to the destruction of the data and documentation contributed by the participants not selected.

Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of these rules, excluding works that do not meet any of the conditions set out above.
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