15 Jan
15 Jun

Organized by the Santander Port Authority and SM Pro Art Circle

The sea and the lighthouses are iconic spaces that arouse emotions and reveries in the popular imaginary.

For all civilizations, all cultures and all religions, in the time in which they had to live and are established in the corner of the planet they are in, the sea has a special meaning and is closely linked to their lives. . The sea is vital and essential.

For those of us who inhabit our planet, the sea symbolizes and represents ... desires, imaginations, realities, worries, enjoyments, freedoms, limits, certainties, uncertainties, poems, chronicles, distances, closeness, adventures, tragedies, deeds, speculations, migrations, fantasies , unknowns, fictions, life, death ... and so many other links depending on the point of view of who observes, desires or lives.

Undoubtedly, the sea is a trigger for emotions, a symbol of immensity, power and indomitable bravery.

The lighthouses are essential constructions as guides for navigators of all time. References, for those who are at sea, of the warmth of their homes and, for those who wait for them on land, projections of their wishes for a soon reunion. In turn, they are powerful symbols that have a poetic especially linked to the arts.

The Sea and the Lighthouses, as a theme, ensures that artists and artists from all over the world will easily find, in their interior, a starting point to develop, from their own vision, their work.

There can be no more ecumenical, inclusive and inclusive theme. The Lighthouse of the Cabo Mayor ... is there where all the lighthouses must be, at the edge of the Sea, marking a safe path and offering with its light, a guide, a hope ...

The Faro Mayor Art Center is also a shelter for arts and culture and has a rich heritage in its collection of permanent works that intimately dialogue with the works of this International Mini Print.

The growing success of each of the previous calls is an unequivocal signal that the light of our beloved Lighthouse comes with more and more force, further and more artists around the world.

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