On 26 October 1863 he created the "Football Association of England" and wrote the first rules of football. In Catalonia, it was not until 1913 that he created the "Federation of Football Clubs." 1910 football came in Lleida capital to oil factory, the Canadian, who had an office in Barcelona to Lleida. The first teams in Lleida, were linked to schools with English tradition: Marist Lleidatana Cultural Association, the Colonial Athletic Metallurgical then become Lleidatà and Youth FC.

Section Sports AEM is currently the oldest in the city of Lleida. It was founded in 1925 with the first name "CLAVER CF adopted later by AEM, being his first soccer student group that acquired the baggage of its own economy, yet they managed to make lenses victories, one against "Youth", which at the time was the champion of Lleida.

Since 1931, the activities of the sports section stopped a few years, as the political circumstances of the time limit their ambitions. In 1934 they returned to promoting sports activities and a dynamic brother Castrasana (Marist Alumni Association, sa). In 1936 the company acquired land in the road where Corbins install a football field, which still exists today with an important football vitality. After the Civil War, and the impossibility of creating new institutions if they were not addicted to the Franco regime was born in Lerida Balonpié - AEM since the AEM was the only entity that football was in the city and thus served to conceal creation of the new entity. This union lasted 6 years, once past the AEM stands for the name of Lerida Balonpié disappear.

After this separation, the club exclusively dedicated to cultivating youth football and sideline professionalism. In the 50s it was returned to form union Lleida - AEM forming the first youth team of the province, which participated in the Junior Championships of Catalonia getting two second (1951/1952 - 1952/1953) and Championship title season 1953/1954. On this team arose very important player Gene Henry got to play with the first team of FC Barcelona and the national team.

In the 40s, the basketball was also part of the sports club, in 1945, the club won the provincial championship and played first regional promotion to San Jose Girona, Badalona and Gymnastic Gymnastics Tarragona. He even got to play a match against FC Barcelona valid for the Championship of Spain, which played sports hall.

Another section of the club, although it was much less important Handball, although it had a very short and finally after about a great deficit in the organization disbanded.

One of the most important dates for the club on 12 October 1971 as President and Joseph Gassie Recasens, who was club president from 1965 until his death in 1993, opened after the great economic effort made Recasens field of sports facilities that are still used today.

In 1972 he formed a team of amateur category who played several years in the second regional but took a big loss to the club, for which reason it disappeared. And until 2011 the club has not returned to have an amateur team currently campaigning in the Third Catalan.

Since 1990, the club organized the tournament youngest category oldest city, is one of the best of these events throughout Catalonia. The tournament lasts for 3 days (Friday - Saturday and Sunday) and have been carving teams: FC Barcelona, ​​Valencia CF, Real Madrid, Celta de Vigo, Bilbao ... besides equipment lesser-known of all parts of Spain: The Loyola Amistad, San Gregorio ...

Another important date in the history of the club in 2005 and through the efforts and work of the board chaired by Mr. Javier Ferrer opened the fields of artificial turf (1 of 11 football, a football and a 7 Football 5). The budget of the works was 461,000 euros.

Currently, the club is chaired by Mr. Sergio Gonzalez, who has driven the rise of the women's team to its first national division, the threshold of the top women's Super League.