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Research Patrocinadors 2013-2014
Now your Club compensates for your help in finding new sponsors.
If you get a sponsor for CFSE, or collaborating interested contact end, you too will benefit!


Features Option A

Advertising board at City Hall, made ​​of wooden screenprinted 1500x900x5mm

-Price plafónou (initial investment): 450, - €

-Price by season: 300, - €

- Season One free new rpatrocinadors pe.

AWARDS Option A:

The award for Partner to help us is:

-Val comprade € 50 Esparreguera abase.

-Pack of Vichy Catalan

Features Option B:

Equipment for one of the teams of the Club. This equipment consists of 12 t (10 dejugadors track and 2 goalies) with sponsor logo printed on the chest, and 12 pants unchecked.

The price is guaranteed for at least 2 seasons, then CFSE reserves the right to renewal.

Pricing Option B:

Furnishing Club teams Price for 1 team: 900, - €.

Price for 2 teams: 750, - € / team

Price for 3 or more teams: 600, - € / team

In case of equipment, the club nclourà a panel in Hall for free the first 2 years.

Features Option B:

Equipment for one of the teams of the Club.

With this option the delivery rubble Club sponsored framed photograph of the sponsored team, with a representative of the sponsor (if you will) and the current player and contributor to the CFSE FCBAlusport


AWARDS Option B:

The award for Partner to help us is:

Comprade-Val of € 100 a BASE Esparreguera.

Vichy Catalan-Pack

In qualsevolde sponsorship options Club, whatever the CFSE Featuring free advertising on the club website (aproximadament2000 visits / month).

The Club offers sponsors the opportunity to report from the Club all its members via newsletter, e-mailing, facebook or twitter free from any commercial or promotional information by Sponsor or want to start giving know.

Is recommended discount for Club members, in order to increase sales potential.

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