8 Jun

Excmo. Ateneo de Sevilla

Rafael Raya Rasero has just published an exceptional book, unique in the Andalusian bibliography. If titled "La Andalucíada. Epic of Andalusia ", with almost forty years of work, of world-wide research ... Suffice it to say that the final glossary adds more than one thousand seven hundred entries ... The book adds 917 pages, printed on paper, printed with easy-to-read types. Carry hard cover and full color printed cover. In the guards, the antecubiertas, carries two precious engravings, two historical maps, one of the Kingdom of Turtussa and another one of the Iberian Peninsula. In both the mythical toponymy that supports this novelized history is recovered, recovering, which reveals the mythological origins of our land. The work printed in Gráficas La Paz, carries magnificent illustrations signed by Isidoro Borrego Martín and José Vicente Cairón Sánchez, with the contribution of the author of the book. The cover image is by Sebastiano Ricci and is a detail of the picture of Neptune and Anfrititi, coming from the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, Madrid
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