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City and Society of the Tricentenerio. Scenes of Everyday Life


The exhibition, organized by Unicaja, is part of the agenda of activities commemorating the 300 years of the transfer of the House of Recruitment from Seville to Cadiz.

The University of Cadiz, the Literary, Artistic and Scientific Atheneum, the Federico Joly Höhr Foundation and the Diputación de Cádiz collaborate in this exhibition.

A long list of objects, documents, period costumes, books ... show the visitor, through the recreation of 18 daily scenes, the dynamism experienced by the city and its inhabitants in one of the most prosperous stages of its history, the century XVIII.

Cadiz and the 18th century

In the eighteenth century Cadiz lived one of the most prosperous stages of its history and both the city and its society underwent a remarkable change. In those days Cadiz quadrupled its population and became a commercial city, attractive, with a port of great activity and a merchant bourgeoisie, educated and active, that imprinted a very special stamp to their hobbies, tastes, readings and fashions, without forgetting His peculiar scientific and enlightened vocation, or a press that was beginning to be noticed.

The exhibition organized by the Unicaja Foundation to commemorate the Tercentenary seeks to transfer the visitor to that city, through a series of objects and documents that recreate 18 scenarios, which summarize the experience of a traveler passing through Cadiz in those years.

Thus, dresses and period dresses are collected, commercial protocols (many of them from the commercial house Gonzalez de la Sierra), letters of payment, home sales receipts, registration of donations for the work of the cathedral or a nautical almanac Of 1792. There is also no shortage of works published in the city such as the Pensadora Gaditana, perhaps the first feminist publication, Pepe Hillo's Tauromachy (edited on Calle Ancha) or the works of Cadiz satirist Juan Ignacio González del Castillo.

The Port of Cadiz, its commercial houses, its urbanism, its houses, the trades of the time, the watchtowers, its women, its social events (dances, theater and receptions), its social gatherings and cafes, fashion, , The School of Guardamarinas, the College of Surgery of the Navy or the press are some of the experiences that it collects and shows '18 Cádiz of the XVIII. City and Society of the Tercentenary. Scenes of everyday life '.