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The Andalusian athens defend to substitute the force for the word


The commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Andalusian Athenaeum Federation was held this morning at the Teatro Góngora de Córdoba

They have been recognized the poet Juana Castro, the scientist Carmen Galán and the high official Federico Mayor Zaragoza like Ateneístas de Honor, as well as the Orchestra of Cordova and the group Medina Azahara like Ateneos of Honor

Córdoba, September 30, 2017 . The Ateneos Federation of Andalusia has celebrated this noon the tenth anniversary of its foundation with an act in the Theater Góngora of Cordova. In the court of seats, which also included the mayor of Cordoba, Isabel Ambrosio and the General Secretary of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Maria Cristina Saucedo, there have been representation of the twenty athenaeums that make up this federation, arrived to Cordoba from all points of Andalusia.

A day dedicated to celebrate and reward, but also, and as it happens in each edition, to help strengthen ties between the different athenaeums that make up the Andalusian federation, some of them with more than a century of history. And is that, it continues being the desire of all the athenaeums to articulate a citizen movement with full force and that extends with more and more force.

In the course of the ceremony, the poet Juana Castro, a founding member of the Ateneo de Córdoba, has been named Ateneístas de Honor , which carries the slogan "feminism is my life", which has taught so many women to fight for equality and to exercise as citizens today. In the collection of her award as Ateneísta de Honor, the poet Pedroches has quoted Federico Garcia Lorca, both as founder of La Barraca, as "metaphor" of the girl who made the leap from the Romance of the black pen to Poet in New York .

The scientist Carmen Galán has also been nominated this morning at the 2017 Honorary Athenaeum for being a woman of science, directing the chair of Plant Biology at the University of Cordoba, where she is responsible for a very active research group, and being a member of the Spanish Committee against the Climate Change, among many other merits. The scientist has expressed that she feels this appointment as "an acknowledgment to science". Galán has also referred to a necessary change in the productive model that "thinks of future generations" and has complained that the advance of women in science is "too slow."

For his part, the president of the Culture of Peace Foundation, Federico Mayor Zaragoza , who has not been able to attend the event in Cordoba due to a health problem, thanked him for his appointment as an Ateneist of Honor through a video, has directed the audience and where he has praised the role of the athenaeums in a few moments "in which we need to replace imposition, strength, domination, reason of force by the force of reason." The former director-general of Unesco has advocated "for the debate, for the meeting, for the conversation and for the discussion, the soul of an athenaeum, precisely".

Equally, in 2017 has been named Ateneos de Honor, the Cordoba Orchestra, on the 25th anniversary of its birth. The manager of this institution supported by the City Council of Cordoba and the Andalusian Government, Estefanía Montes, stressed that such an anniversary means "to have successfully overcome very unfavorable moments and to have done the unspeakable so that today the Cordoba Orchestra is stronger, more stable and have a future project ".

Finally, the Andalusian rock group Medina Azahara , who has performed at the end of the act with an acoustic mini-concert, has also been named Ateneo de Honor this morning. Manuel Martinez, his singer, has confessed that they never thought "to get here," after 38 years on the road, a score of records, thousands of concerts behind them and a legion of fans in the middle of the world. All that with one idea, "make people freer and happier with our music".

The Cordobesa event has also been awarded the Andalusian Athena Awards for the activities carried out throughout the year by the various federated athenaeums, resulting in winners in the different categories the athenaeums of Almodóvar del Río, Malaga, Herrera and with the mention special to the Ateneo de Córdoba for the 30th anniversary of their awards the Silver Packets. In addition, nine accolades have been awarded in the four categories of these awards.

The Ateneos Andalusian Federation, presided over by the Cordovan Antonio Manuel Rodríguez Ramos , is composed of 25 more Andalusian entities and extensions, as well as being the only entity of this nature in Spain together with the Ateneus Federation of Catalonia, with which it is twinned . The president of the federation has announced that this will be his last term and congratulated the atheneists for having consolidated "as one of the integrating and respected projects of Andalusia." Rodríguez Ramos has also invited "to show with the attitude that music or speech are not afraid of the noise of unreason and dogmas, but the complicit silence of those who consent."

The Mayor of Córdoba, Isabel Ambrosio and the General Secretary of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, María Cristina Saucedo,
have presided over the event of this meeting of the Andalusian Athenaeum in Cordoba. The mayor stressed "the importance of the Athenian values ", while the representative of the Board has valued "the important contribution of the athenaeums to Andalusia." Culture, freedom, independence, commitment and ethics are some of the values ​​defended by atheists, giving in recent years an important and cross-cutting role for women.

The act has been closed with the interpretation of the Andalusian anthem by the cantaora Amparo Ramos.

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