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Antonina Rodrigo received with "gratitude" the Medal of Andalusia and extends to women from exile

Self-taught and passionate about Lorca Pineda


Antonina Rodrigo Garcia (Granada, 1935), will receive the Medal of Andalusia who recognizes his career and his role as one of the central figures of feminist literature of the twentieth century thanks to a research effort and a biographical work with that brought figures like García Lorca and Mariana Pineda.

Manchego and grenadine father mother, Antonina was born in the patrimonial neighborhood of Granada Albaicin and, autodidact and passion for research, he became one of the leading figures of feminist literature of the past century.


Best known for his essays and historical and biographical studies, his exhaustive work has brought to the public knowledge of other women like Federica Montseny, Maria Malla, Xirgú Margarita Maria Lejárrega or Mariana Pineda.

Antonina Rodrigo, who next February 28 will receive the Medal of Andalusia, began working in local country and Ideal newspapers whose pages published reports that merged research and history, until he jumped to media such as Diario de Granada, Triunfo, History and Life, Norma, Caracol and Insula.

It debuted as a writer with "Altarpiece of Eve" (1960), a work which was followed by others focused on female protagonists of theater as "Almagro and comedy theater" (1970), "Maria Antonia la Caramba: the genius of tonadillera Goya in Madrid "(1972) or" Margarita Xirgú and theater "(1974).

After this last book focused its efforts on investigating Federico García Lorca, character who has devoted more time, resources and pages.

The fine sensibility, scientific rigor and thoroughness of their work is perceived in texts such as "Mariana Pineda, heroine of Freedom" (1977), which became his first major success and one of the few papers that exist on the Granada historical woman who embodies the principles of freedom.

However, their most important title is the trilogy dedicated to the women of the Second Republic, the Civil War and exile, which rescues known or anonymous protagonists of these historical periods.

Resident in Barcelona since 1970, Antonina Rodrigo was awarded the Cross of Sant Jordi of the Generalitat of Catalonia in 2006 and is credited with numerous awards such as Manuel de Falla Award in Journalism (1975), the international Académie Européenne des Arts (1988 ), the Aldaba (1989), or the Meridiana of the Andalusian Institute of Women (2005).

It is also Gold Medal of Merit of the City of Granada (2015) and last year received the Pozo de Plata award from the Council of Granada, award comes on the anniversary of the birth of Federico Garcia Lorca, and wanted to recognize his trajectory and delivery as the only woman who joined the committee for the celebration, in 1976, the first "5 to 5" lorquiano.

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