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Malaga has become a cultural reference in Southern Europe, but the enormous potential in the performing arts does not have the impact it deserves in the public and private offering interesting in all areas of the culture of the city. In this regard we welcome the new production and own display Factory Echegaray, to which the Ateneo de Malaga, aware of the importance of theater and minimum recognition that there is a malagueñas companies that demonstrate each year excellent quality, adds creating the Athenaeum Theatre. An initiative which aims to acknowledge workers Malaga scene, which have premiered their works between October 2015 and September 2016, within the framework of the 50th anniversary of Ateneo de Malaga.

The awards consist of no funding. They are a public recognition materialized with an award in each category, consisting of a sculpture by Leslie Sanchez.


The jury have made programmers and theater critics:

- Jose Antonio Sedeño: Director and professor of Stage Management of the ESAD of Malaga.

- Esther Monleón: Responsible for programming theatrical Provincial de Málaga.

- Oscar Romero: Director and theater critic in Diario Sur.

- Pablo Bujalance: Writer and critic in Malaga today.

- Antonio Navajas: Responsible Programming Teatro Canovas and Sala Gades.


The scenic spaces where the works represented were: Canovas Theatre, Cabaret Garage, Living Room Maynake Atencio Maria Victoria (Ollerías) and Teatro Echegaray.

The organization and coordination of both the process and the ceremony corresponds to the vocal theater Marina Devesa and Noelia Galdeano.


The awards ceremony will take place at the Closing Ceremony of the 50th Anniversary of the Ateneo de Malaga, December 15 at 19:30 at the Teatro Echegaray.



Best Show Theatre: Much Ado About Nothing - Pata Theater

Best Musical Show: Long Way Home - Productions Alfreskito

Best Dance Show Take that Time - Arari Dance

Best Original Work: Dispatched - Samuel Pinazo

Best Director: Pedro Lanzas - Dispatched

Best Actor: Paco Inestrosa - Dispatched

Best Actress: Virginia Muñoz - Much Ado About Nothing

Special mention Trajectory: Pata Theater


Tf: information: Marina Devesa, vocal Athenaeum Theatre: 652850883