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Ateneo de Málaga hosts the presentation of "FEMINISMO OR BARBARIE"

From the prestigious film critic, Pilar Aguilar Carrasco.



Next Thursday , November 29 , at 7:30 pm , at Ateneo de Málaga , the presentation of 'Feminism or barbarism' (La Moderna, 2018), by Pilar Aguilar Carrasco , will take place, a title that compiles 25 articles, which the critique of cinema has published in 'Feminist Tribune', a medium specialized in analyzing events with a gender perspective. The articles deal with various aspects of our present: the feminist agenda, burkas, sorority, sexuality, prostitution, ... Aspects analyzed with the singular sense of humor and intelligence with which Pilar Aguilar tends to face reality. The author will talk with Cristina Consuegra , vocalist of Feminismo de Ateneo de Málaga.

The one of Pilar Aguilar Carrasco is an open and transversal feminism, happy in spite of the situation of inequality, but also conscious of its achievements and that we can not allow ourselves to stop fighting for the much needed equality. You know, pessimism is reactionary. For this reason, in this title, the author speaks to us as if she were in front of us, face to face, in a close tone but with an enviable lucidity, with a proposal that is much more interesting and accessible to all audiences. A book to learn and laugh and clarify many of the issues that concern us.

The prolog of the book is signed by Semíramis González Fernández , who indicates, in relation to the trajectory of Pilar Aguilar Carrasco, "Pilar's words, always wise, between biting criticism and intelligent irony, have generated in me a need for positioning and they have been causing me significant changes ». That echo to which González Fernández alludes crosses all the texts of the book that is structured in six categories: feminist debates; Patriarchy to dry? Heteropatriarchy ?; Sexuality? Yes, but from whom? Dress or wear women; The prostitution of always and its new clothes; and cinema, of course ... These categories seek, on the one hand, to analyze all those components of patriarchal reality, which limit women and men, to create and promote from that analysis, other types of stories that help us and encourage us along the way towards equality. It is, after all, to expand our knowledge about patriarchal variables such as sexist culture, prostitution, pornography, the wage gap, gender violence, .. guided by the agility of Aguilar Carrasco's thinking.