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Dolmen de Antequera are already World Heritage Site.

Candidacy "stone on stone".


The aim of this initiative was the awareness of the importance of UNESCO Site include Dolmen de Antequera comprising dolmens, El Torcal and the Rock of love, in his catalog of World Heritage.

The slogan "Stone on Stone" defines not only the physical structure of places, also evokes the path taken by human beings until today. It is a nod to the city, its history and its appearance and is understandable in all languages.

Therefore, in Antequera they are proud to have a dolmen that has entered the select club of UNESCO World Heritage. Three megalithic constructions of the Neolithic and Bronze Age; large stone blocks where our ancestors were buried and where offerings were made. In its 6,000 years old have not always been so popular, even came to be used as shelter for goats. It's no wonder they become quite a tourist attraction. The prestigious list of UNESCO is an exclusive club where there are 1031 cultural property. The dolmens of Menga and Viera, the tholos of El Romeral and two major milestones toward those who are oriented, the Rock of love, with its anthropomorphic profile, and the karstic massif of the Sierra de El Torcal, already part of those goods.