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The difficult path towards Equality: Women working in a jiennense olive grove.

Paco Casero and Ezequiel Martínez.


In ancient Greece, Aristophanes, V century BC, exemplified in Lysistrata the struggle of women to promote it, a sexual strike against men, to force them to end the war. Hypatia of Alexandria (370-415) murdered by men, was another example of a free woman, a scientist, an example of freedom of thought and personal autonomy.

On March 25, 1911, more than 140 workers, most of them immigrants, died in the fire of a textile factory in New York, preventing them from leaving the building where they protested their work situation.

In 1910, in Spain, women were able to access Higher Education under the same conditions as men, with Emilia Pardo Bazán, Counselor of Public Instruction. On March 8, 2011, the United Nations created UN Women to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women. The motto of March 8, 2018 is: "Now is the time: rural and urban activists transform the lives of women."

The Director of UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo, points out that "girls and their mothers support families with work and without pay. We have to start the change in the home and in school so that in the environment of children is not educated in that girls should be less, have less, and dream on a smaller scale than men. " Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director General of Unesco, and President of the Culture of Peace Foundation, often tells what the President of South Africa Nelson Mandela told him: "Women will be the cornerstone of the new era ... because only exceptionally uses force, when man only exceptionally, does not use it. "

Rural women tend to live worse than rural men, and worse than urban women. The wage gap based on gender in Spain is 21-23% in cities, but in rural areas it can reach 40%.

The average gender wage gap in Spain is between 21 and 23%. The pension system enlarges that gap. The difference in retirement pensions between men and women reaches 37%, according to the study wage gap and glass ceiling prepared with data from the Tax Agency of 2016.

According to a UGT report, the average retirement pension for men is 1,220 euros, while that for women is 768 euros. According to CCOO, the gender wage gap stands at 3,853 euros. In the financial sector it reaches 12,572 euros, and 52% of women charge below the Minimum Interprofessional Salary. Although the average salary of women in Spain is 16,281 euros, almost 3.2 million women workers do not reach the SMI. By Communities, Asturias is the most unequal in salaries, where women charge 38% less than men. The Communities where the wage gap has narrowed most in recent years are: Extremadura, Andalusia, Aragon, Canary Islands, Castilla La Mancha, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia. The average gap in Spain is 6,161 euros less for women. In Andalusia women charge an average of 5,875 euros less than men, per year.

The fracture of motherhood occurs between 26 and 45 years in the woman and in that stage the gap widens. "You have to match maternity and paternity leave, says researcher Maria Pazos of the Platform for equal and transferable Birth and Adoption Permits. The goal, says Pazos, is that the permits for both parents are non-transferable, of equal duration, paid at 100% of the regulatory base and with the same compulsory part, that is, that the parental permission (now 4 mandatory weeks) ) becomes equal to that of mothers (16 weeks, of which 6 are compulsory).

The rural woman
I gather observations made by the veterinarian María Sánchez, in the blog "Apuntes de clase" ( ) published on March 5: "We need a feminism that overcomes the geographical gap, it is not the same to work in the city as in the countryside Will rural women be able to strike and carry out their demands, since they do not have the proper recognition? "

"In my daily life, says María Sánchez, I am surrounded by wonderful women who have a lot to say and to teach. Women who take care of our rural environment and make possible the food and the territory and that open a new path towards food sovereignty. Peasants, ranchers, day laborers, farmers, artisans, shepherds ... women that I do not see in any manifesto. I work in both worlds, in the cultural and in the rural .... And before March 8, I see the lack of representation of rural women and the need for a fair recognition of these women. "

María Sánchez, a veterinarian comes to denounce the invisibility of rural women, who besides taking care of the garden, milking the cow or the goat, planting seeds and picking up potatoes, tomatoes, or keeping accounts of what goes in and out, have difficulties in reach the co-ownership of the farm. And in addition to those tasks of support to the couple, they carry the education of the children, with the preparation of the meals, washing of the clothes, care of the mother or the mother-in-law, etc., etc.

Law 35/2011 of October 4 on Shared ownership of agricultural holdings, and Order AAA / 1408/2012 of June 26 that regulates it, entered into force 5 years ago, and only 339 holdings have been registered in Spain, and in Andalusia none, among other things, due to bureaucratic defects in the activation of the Law.

Rural women and the rural world are largely invisible to society. We have only to see the list of medals and favorite children this year in Andalusia. All very respectable and deserving dignitaries of such high distinction, but interestingly, rural women and men have been absent, when Andalusia is eminently rural and a good part of GDP and our economy, comes from the agri-food industry and tourism which is also partly based on the development of rural or inland tourism.

From the Savia Foundation we support women and we demand that salary equality and the rights they demand, because an egalitarian society will always be a fairer and freer society, a society in which women and men feel equal, and in which women can move in full freedom, without fear of physical violence, verbal and psychological abuse and murder. In 2017, at least 48 women and 8 children were victims of these murders by beastmen. To advance equality and respect for women, equality education is needed, which has to start in school and in the family, and continue in society, as many grandmothers, grandparents, mothers and fathers continue to protect in excess to children in front of girls.